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I recommend Gmail to help you organize messages and uncluttered. It’s an excellent productivity tool. Here’s why:

  • Best Spam Filter – When the spam filters block email that are of no value to you, they eliminate email clutter even before it can accumulate.
  • Free – Over 2 gigabytes of storage. This number increases over time. It’s basically like an extra hard drive or file cabinet for you.
  • Search – Uses Google search technology you know and love to search through this large storage. I almost never delete emails. Searching is vital.
  • Archive – The best, and possibly most underused, productivity tool. When you archive something, emails move out of your inbox, out of your way, but are stored in your account. Just click “All Mail” to see them all again.

If you’re not familiar with archives and labels, read the following two points:

  • To archive, you select the email you wish to store and click on the Archive button. Voila! To see that email again, hit “Undo” in the yellow message bar near top of the page, or hit ‘All Mail’ link from the left side menu.
  • Labels are like tags or keywords to be associated with a file. You can call upon a keyword (label) in the future and pull up all emails with this association. An email can have multiple labels.

Here is a simple yet effective process I use to keep my inbox light and uncluttered.

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