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Missing dog Blackie

Help Me Find Home?

Hello, my name is Blackie, I am 2 years old, and I am currently lost. Someone who is not my mommy and daddy has me, and I need your help to find my way back home.

I was last seen at Dec 5, 2010 around 2PM PST in the South West Seattle / White Center area of Seattle.

I am mostly white, with black spots around my body. Most notably, I have a black mask covering both my eyes and ears, my daddy used to joke with me that I look like a bandit and wears a black mask. He used to say “Are you robbing a bank Blackie? We’re inside now, you can take off your Black mask.

There are two large patches of black on my back, resembling that of a panda. In fact, when I was a puppy, people used to point out that I look like a panda. There are two other large patches of black on my butt. When I walk, from the back, my long butt fur makes it looks as if I’m wearing pants.

My ears are soft, and likes to hang forward on my face.  I am an extremely unique looking dog. I don’t know what bread I am, but I was adopted from the streets of Beijing, China. And was later immigrated to America with my parents.

I am a small dog, the size of a Pomeranian (like my brother Tommy), around 10 lbs. I am a quiet dog, rarely barks, though, when I do bark, I have a husky rough-sounding boy-ish voice.  I usually only bark when another dog is barking, or I detect possible danger, but I rarely bark.

I am a total socialite. I love people, and likes to run up to people, children, and other dogs. Even when other dogs barks at me in anger, I just want to go up and play with them.

The last time I was seen, I was wearing a collar with a tag (red, circle shaped) with my mommy’s phone number and email. I don’t know why these people won’t call them for me.

I really miss my mommy, daddy, brother Tommy, and baby Ryan. Well, I don’t miss Ryan as much, since he’s been taxing away all my attention. But I still love him anyway. He’s pretty cute.

Below are some photos of me. We will update it regularly as we find more photos that may be helpful.

Characteristic Highlights:

  • Small dog. Mainly white. Black mask around head, covering the eyes and ears.
  • Large black patch on back and butt.
  • Friendly, not fearful of other dogs.
  • High energy, bouncy, quiet, rarely barks.

Contact Highlights:

  • Please email:
  • Leave a voicemail: (206) 420-6510
  • Reward given

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