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Reflection Now

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since last Christmas? Amazing how fast time flies, huh?

During this time of the year, not only do I get to relax and recharge, but it’s also a time of reflect on the past year. I like to ask two questions:

  1. What are you grateful for? What were some gifts, blessings, miracles that came into your life this year? Perhaps it was someone you’ve met, or something you’ve learned. What are you thankful for?
  2. If you had one wish, what would it be? If you could have one wish come true, what do you want most?

These simple questions may seem trivial, but they are the seed for making dreams come true, and for ending the year on a positive note.

Here are some answers from my own little family.

Tina (picture: right):

  1. Things I’m Thankful For (this year)
    connecting with Adam, finding the perfect living space, starting this blog, readers of this blog, meeting my mentor Joel, meeting Randy, Joshua, Helaina, spiritual growth.
  2. One Wish
    Freedom of time. To work on any project I choose, while enjoying my financial stability.

Adam (picture: left)

  1. Things I’m Thankful For (this year)
    growing closer to Tina, co-founding a business, great friends all over the world, my supportive parents, several inspirational books.
  2. One Wish
    Freedom of location. A house on the beach in southern India with my little family.

Tommy (picture: center)

  1. Things I’m Thankful For (this year)
    Food and love. Oh and traveling on an airplane for the first time.
  2. One Wish
    Never be left alone.


What about you? What are some things you are most thankful for from 2007? What is your greatest wish? We’d love to hear your reflective thoughts, in a comment.


Happy Holidays From My Family To Yours!


Tina Adam & Tommy in Ottawa

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Tina Su is a mom, a wife, a lover of Apple products and a CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) for our motivational community: Think Simple Now. She is obsessed with encouraging and empowering people to lead conscious and happy lives. Subscribe to new inspiring stories each week. You can also subscribe to Tina on Facebook.

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29 thoughts on Reflection Now

  1. Things I’m Thankful For (this year)
    Finding the job where I feel comfortable for the first time in my life. Knew people around the world with the same professional goals. Personal growing, more than any other year so I changed my mind to be more tolerant with everything and everyone, and more over.
    One Wish
    Travel somewhere like Basel, New York or London, meet new people and try to grow and learn even more. Find my soulmate from one of those countries, or another :)

    Keep writing Tina and greetings from Spain,


  2. Im very thankful for the family I gained in 2006, surviving 2007 which has to be by far the worst year of my life, my dog Cinnamon, my mom and lil bro

    One wish? Love.

  3. Things I’m grateful for…
    – Setting up my blog, and as I share, I have learned very much, I can sense that I’m growing inside
    – Two close friends that I can share almost anything, success, dreams, deepest fear and emotions
    – New job that has a very good environment (much lesser politics) and great colleagues

    One wish…
    mmm, seems like I have so many wish…
    summed up… keep growing to become a better person!

    Thanks for reminding us to reflect Tina!

  4. Things I’m grateful for:
    Personal space (in my personal and professional life)
    Attracting the right people at the right time to help further my purpose on this planet
    Unselfish affection and attention of my dog Yogi
    Resources to facilitate my purpose
    The love of family and friends
    My wonderful violin families
    My violin
    My quartet
    All things beautiful
    My mind

    One Wish….
    To continually provide value to the lives of others I meet, while helping them to grasp just how influential and powerful we are as humans in the creation process, so that we can all know love and peace.

    Thanks Tina for this reflection space *smile*

    Megan J.

  5. Some things I’m grateful for in 2007:
    (1) the positive and encouraging responses to my weekly column
    (2) starting and maintain my two blogs
    (3) being accepted as a guest blogger at Better Living Today
    (4) online friendships
    (5) Antonio Marques at Digital Folders for helping me conquer my fear of navigating computer technology

  6. 1. Things I’m Thankful For (this year)
    I’m thankful for my wife, my family, and coming back home to be closer to them. I’m also grateful for my job at a college that I really like.

    2. One Wish
    One wish is for financial stability. I think that not having to worry about financial obligations (e.g., student loans, car payment, rent, groceries) will allow me more freedom to help my wife and myself go back to school, secure degrees and training that would enable us to provide for our future.

  7. Great write about Gratitude. Thanks for sharing Tina..

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ..

    Wish all the best

  8. Great picture, thanks. I’m grateful that I do have financial stability, a simple lifestyle, and the freedom to spend my time anyway I want. My only wish is that we continue to have good health so I can continue doing what I love and sharing it with others.

  9. i’m grateful for family, friends, my education, indoor plumbing, and connecting to the blogging world and other bloggers like you. i wish for stable passive income to allow me the freedom to do more, such as travel and seriously investing in a charity. merry christmas tina!

    p.s. nice picture!

  10. 1. Definitely for setting up my way towards becoming a better person.

    2. Well, this would be being healthy, wealthy and loved. :-) So,.. health is important to me, also I want to build passive income big enough to do almost anything I want. And finally, I want to find my soulmate. Those are, as you can see, three wishes but I can’t really pick one above others, I just want them all to come true and I’m sure they will.

    I wish you the greatest 2008 possible.

  11. Dan

    1. Things I’m Thankful For (this year)

    Knowing that my college application essays will be done within the next week
    Learning about myself and my thoughts
    Support of friends, family
    Financial stability
    Having so many big things falling the right way

    2. One Wish

    Continue learning more about how I think and act, and continue to make changes.

  12. 1. Things I am thankful for (this year)
    Starting my blog and meeting many wonderful people and bloggers

    2. One Wish
    Financial stability and more time to do things I love.

  13. Ames

    1. Things I am thankful for (this year)
    I went through 2 surgeries this year and came out in one peace.

    2. One Wish
    I wish I can be more enthusiastic about life in general.

  14. Jay

    I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to meet all these cool bloggers, also to subscribe to their feeds by email ( and just continue to expand on my site(s).

    Hope you had a happy holiday!


  15. My gratitude list is too long to post here. My one wish would be to have the freedom to decide what I want to be, do or have based only on my desires and no other consideration such as amount of visible money.

  16. 1. Things I am thankful for (this year)
    – My wife who takes care of me so well.
    – Having a good health
    – Financial situation (less debt than in the beginning of the year)
    – The beautiful summer we had this year

    2. One Wish
    – Start my own business

  17. i can’t tell you what things i’ve been grateful for in the past year; however, i can tell you what things i’m grateful for at this present moment. i’m grateful for firm just-ripe californian avocados on artisan bread with just a little mustard and maybe mayonnaise; i’m grateful for good green tea, the fact that i keep on misspelling ‘grateful’ as ‘greatful’ (an unintentional truth!), friends old and new, the ability to walk and dance and sing and see, the capacity for imagination and growth that we all share.

    for the new year, i intend to live. i hope to be aware, centered, and passionate in the coming months. i also intend to befriend, contact, or otherwise influence positively every individual on my hitlist.

  18. 1. Things I’m Thankful For
    Good friends, good food, and an overall optimistic feeling about the world.

    2. One Wish
    I’d like to see more people going out of their way to help others.

  19. Greetings –

    I am thankful for the conscious lifestyle choice that I have made to pursue personal freedom over financial gain. To that end, this year I quit my fulltime job and my wife and I purchased a small bed and breakfast in the Caribbean. It is a tremendous amount of work but I AM MY OWN BOSS and nobody can take that away from me.

    Additionally, I am also thankful that I have a little bit of spare time to be able to blog and run the site as I see fit. Which means promoting humanitarian assistance programs, trying to get people to pursue their dreams, and interviewing tremendously creative people like Tina Su.

    To all – I would just like to say MAKE 2008 YOUR YEAR pursue your dreams and goals and then please write about what you are doing so we can read about your adventures and gain inspiration.

    Peace, and thanks for asking Tina!

  20. For this year, I am grateful to have lived it.

    My one wish, I suppose, is always the same. The gift of wisdom.

  21. I am most grateful that I am still alive. That in itself is perhaps a bit of a miracle.

    What I desire the most is, to fully engage my abilities in each moment to explore the deeper unknown, and to merge that practice into my practical life for the benefit of all.


  22. I’m grateful to be having a baby in a few months!

  23. I’m grateful for my husband, family and friends.

    My wish is to explore my gifts and passions, and find a career that fits.

  24. I am just thankful that my family and I made it through another year with health & happiness, so my only wish for 08′ would be to continue on in the same.

    Tina, that picture is absolutely heart felt, warm, and beautiful!!!!

    Happ New Year to you & your family!!!

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