Think Simple Now — a moment of clarity

Here’s what others had to say about Discover You Now

  • Take every word in the subtitle literally. This brilliant book boldly guides you to finding your unique path, then makes sure it happens for you. Don’t just read it. Follow it. You’ll love where it takes you.”

    Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby,
  • Tina is someone who I’ve not only followed for years—which is a lifetime online—but also been inspired by, for just as long. Everything she shares with the world is always of the highest quality and she never misses a single detail. After going through Discover You Now I can see that this offering is no exception to her own very-high standards.

    Few people actually live what they teach, but you can be certain that Tina really has learned from experience.”

    Glen Allsopp, founder
  • I have been following Tina Su’s writing since she first started blogging, before I founded I have always admired that her articles are authentic, comprehensive, and value-packed. If you’ve enjoyed the posts on Think Simple Now, you will love her digital guide! Tina has created a wonderful resource, including thought-provoking exercises geared to help you discover your purpose, push through resistance, and leverage your passions to make a living. It’s clear why Tina has been such a success with her passions: She has a talent for simplifying complex ideas and helping other people make positive change in their lives.”

    Lori Deschene, founder of Tiny Buddha
  • Um, Discover You Now is AWESOME. No joke. I’ve purchased tens of thousands of dollars worth of info products + consulting and this is probably in my top 3 best purchases of all time. It’s down to earth and approachable, just like you, and while I wasn’t sure what to expect by it, I can say that I’m about a third through it and I can’t ‘put it down’, it’s amazing and I know that when I’m finished, I’ll have a clear cut plan of my next steps in business and life.”

    Justine Grey, Toronto, Canada
  • I’ve been applying a wide variety of personal growth materials for over 15 years as I strive to expand my life. Even so, Tina Su’s new Discover You Now guide has made an impressive impact on me. Although I’ve done many exercises in the past on values, priorities, mission statements, & goal setting, Tina's unique perspectives and step by step modular approach gave me new insights, greater clarity, a renewed sense of focus & energy, & even some tears of joy along the way. Whether you are a relative newcomer to the personal growth arena or have a whole bookshelf like I do, you will find Discover You Now to be a powerful tool for your personal & professional growth.”

    John Hollandsworth, M.D.
  • This guide is a beautiful marriage of the wisdom of the Heart and the practicality of the Mind. Everything is so simple, do-able and empowering. The author guides the reader with the loving authority of one who has successfully used the tools that are being offered. Her life story is the only testimonial that is needed for this book.

    Without hesitation I recommend it to anyone who is dreaming and is yearning to awaken to the fullness of their uniqueness.”

    Rahi Santhanam, Bangalore, India
  • Discover You Now, by Tina Su, is straightforward, honest and insightful, just like you would expect from any of Tina’s writings.

    In this digital guide, it is as if she knows the reader intimately, as if she sat down for coffee with each of us in order to create the questions and the work that we need to do to discover our more powerful selves.”

    Leigh Harris, Author & Life Coach
  • Discover You Now is an encouraging, actionable tool that is more than a simple workbook—it was my route to a clearer understanding of who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. Tina is straight to the point and gives examples from her own experience that showed me I wasn’t alone in my questions. I was most impressed when i started seeing the exercises actually work in my own life—I solved quite a few problems that I just couldn’t figure out before with the rocking chair exercise and being able to identify my essential qualities. It’s amazing how clearly you can see when you take the time to pay attention to who you really are. If you’re stuck, frazzled, or trying to figure out what your purpose is in life, Discover You Now is the tool you’ll need.”

    Ishita Gupta, The Domino Project & Fearless Magazine
  • Are you ready to take your lofty desires for a more meaningful life out of the ether and into reality? If you are, then buy this guide because with these clear, simple steps, you can have a life you love. It isn’t hard, not with Tina’s help. So the only question is: are you ready to create what you want?”

    Jennifer Louden, best-selling author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and The Life Organizer, creator of the Savor & Serve Experiment,
  • Reading this guide to self discovery sent shivers down my spine, and as I went through the exercises I could feel the clarity bubbling up from deep within me.

    There’s only one thing in my life that has brought me the success, joy, and happiness that I have now—and that’s knowing who I am, what makes me light up, and having that inner knowing that’s unshakable. That’s what Tina’s “Discover You Now” helps you find, and it’s just such a beautiful way to gain the clarity that can transform your life forever. I can’t think of anyone better suited to take you through this process than Tina and her insightful guide.

    Also—as a designer I absolutely love the look and feel of the book, it creates the sacred space for the deep inner work that’s about to come through you. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough, this is truly an experiential process and not just another ebook that will collect digital dust on your hard drive. Get it and take action, and your life will be ten times better for it.”

    Nathalie Lussier,
  • Do you absolutely need a personal mission? No. But does having one make all the difference when you’re trying to build a life that matters? indeed it does. Don’t get this workbook if you’re not serious—there’s real effort required. But if you are looking for a sense of direction and purpose—and a way of putting it into action—then all the ingredients are here.”

    Michael Bungay Stanier, author of Do More Great Work
  • Most books on personal transformation and self-discovery don’t work for me. Although I approached Tina Su’s book, Discover You Now, with trepidation that I would be let down, it took a mere paragraph to illuminate the power encapsulated within the beautifully designed pages. While reading, I felt as if Tina were a dear friend sitting beside me—knowing when to pause, when to ask a probing question, and when to gently nudge me forward. While discovering and learning all about yourself, you will also be translating this knowledge into action, and changing each step of the way. Simply put: Discover You Now is where inspiration meets action.”

    Carolyn Rubenstein
  • In a time of regurgitated content and generic list posts, I found Discover You Now to be surprisingly refreshing. I’ve long been a huge fan of Tina because of her courage to share both her highest moments and lowest of lows. Life isn’t about perfection and Tina lives by the words she preaches. If you’re feeling stuck or need a little boost Discover You Now may just be what you need.”

    Bud Hennekes