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13 Ways to Get Unstuck Now

The way to get unstuck is to start down the wrong path, right now. … You might not end up with perfect, but it's significantly more valuable than being stuck. ~Seth Godin

Ready to get unstuck? It’s never too late to try something new and radical in order to make real change.

Some contradict. That’s on purpose. 

1. Decide It Will Never Change.

It is not going anywhere. Surrender to it. Accept it. See it. Next, court it – how can you fall in love with this aspect of stuck?

How can you open to it as your guide? This will not work if part of you is still hoping the stuck goes away. Be all in. Believe it is permanent with your whole body and that it’s your job to fall in love with it.

2. Take Responsibility.

Accept 100 percent full responsibility for whatever you believe got you stuck – without blame, being defensive or being a martyr.

No self-blame or shame. Rather step into ownership even if you don’t know what you did to get stuck. Focus on owning it, with clear-eyed self-kindness.

3. Prove to Someone You’re Stuck.

Find someone rigorous, loving and honest. Prove to this person you are stuck using facts. Stick with just the facts — no story, no explanations.

He or she can keep asking for clarification of proof you are stuck. You respond with the facts.

4. Spend Three Days In A Room with Nothing.

Nothing to read, no Internet, and minimal food distractions. No chocolate (I know, I’m tough), nor intoxicants of any kind.

Do not leave until your full three days are up. I dare you to remain stuck.

5. Fire Everyone You Pay to Help You.

Make an art installation of all the binders, CDs and books telling you what you should do to fix yourself, to make a million, to lose weight, find your soul mate.

Double down on trusting yourself.

6. No Interwebs for One Month.

Yes one month. During the time you would be on line, do something you enjoy that makes the world a better place.

7. Hire the Best and Put Everything toward Solving Your Stuck.

Find the best coach, teacher, hacker, mentor you can afford. Tell him or her everything else in your life is secondary to solving this stuck.

You will stop at nothing. You will throw everything you have – sans going in debt or hurting someone – at dissolving your bind.

8. Keep an Action Journal.

Write down the actions you take every day to get unstuck. So if getting out of back pain is your stuck, note every single thing you do to get out of pain.

Do this with a partner and review journals weekly. You must date your entries!

9. Write Your Stuck Story.

Write it from three points of view. First, in second person (“you climbed the stairs”) only the you that is speaking is your stuckness – let your stuckness speak.

Second, write from the POV of an omniscient narrator – the voice of God or the one who sees and knows all.

Finally, from first person, from your very personal up close point of view. Let each story unfold in its own unique way. Each one may be very different. Read each out loud to another person.

11. Build an Altar to Your Stuck.

Worship at it every day for a month. Do not abandon it even when you want to pour oil on it and light it on fire.

Embellish as necessary. At the end of the month, call together your tribe, share what your worship taught you and then do with the altar what feels good. (Note: It might not be to destroy it.)

12. Interview Your Stuck.

Let it answer with your non-dominant hand. Here are some questions to ask:

  • What is your name?
  • Where did you come from?
  • What gift do you have for me?
  • Why do you love me so much?
  • How do you love me?
  • What do you need?
  • How can I help you get it?

13. Go on a Treasure Hunt.

Look for people in history who were stuck in the same way you are. How did they use this stuckness as a gift?

How did their stuck passage shape their future? What did they do that you want to be sure to not do? What did they do you might try — today?

Bonus Affirmation

Every day declare to yourself, “No matter what I do and no matter how things turn out, I’m okay. At my core is essential goodness, and I will always return to rest there.”

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Jen Louden is a personal growth pioneer who helped launch the self-care movement with her first book The Woman’s Comfort Book. She's the author of five additional books on well-being and whole living that have inspired more than a million women in nine languages. Her book The Life Organizer is just out in paperback. Visit to get the book and the freeee app!

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2 thoughts on 13 Ways to Get Unstuck Now

  1. Hi, I guess it is quite hard to do this stuff but i’m definite that it is helpful. Realizing and being aware that you are stuck and coping with it to get unstuck is the only positive way to move on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jen, great article. All of us have been in situations where we feel stuck. That’s fine. The problem is when we stay there… and often the only reason we do is because we enjoy some form of benefit by staying stuck. Maybe people feel sorry for us, maybe we don’t have to take responsibility for our lives, maybe we don’t have to take on our fears… plus so many more. Similar to your question about “What gift do you have for me?”, I’d ask the question “What is the payoff to me for staying Stuck?” That’s a tough question to answer but if you’re willing to persist and get clear on the answer, it’ll often surprise you and provide you the release you’ve been looking for.

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