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5 Essential Lessons on Success

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Today I want to talk about the ingredients that cause success. Why do some people succeed, while others fail? what separates the two. I’m constantly intrigued with the concepts involved in success and failure. I’ve dedicated my life to discovering and explaining what separates one from the other.

I spend my days learning about the laws and the principles of success. I believe if we learn these laws and principles we will succeed. In fact, if anyone learns these laws and principles, they will succeed.

The laws of success will move your life from the pit to the palace, from ordinary to extraordinary. With that, let’s take a look at five essential lessons on the causes of success.

5 Must Read Lessons on What Causes Success:

1. Understanding the Success Formula

Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.”
–Earl Wilson

Success is usually the result of concentrated focus in an area where you have a natural advantage. Concentrated focus multiplies your effectiveness seven-fold. Concentrated focus makes the difference.

One man with discipline, determination, and focus will accomplish more than a 100 men who are merely interested.

The use of concentrated focus in an area where you are talented, will in time, grant you the opportunity to succeed. Success has almost nothing to do with luck. What people call luck is usually the offspring of concentrated focus. Success may appear to be the result of luck, but appearances are often deceiving.

2. Passionate Energy and Drive

“Success in almost any field depends more on
energy and drive than it does on intelligence.”
–Sloan Wilson

When we talk about concentrated effort, we’re talking about using our energy and drive in one area. Energy and drive will surely take you down the road of success. Energy and drive will cause you to climb the hurdles that keep others from succeeding.

Another word for “energy and drive” is passion. Are you passionate about your goal? If you’re going to succeed, you’re going to have to have an unprecedented passion to see your goal realized. You can’t do it for the money, you can’t do it for the fame; you must do it for the love. How passionate are you?

3. The Realization That Success is a Science

“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.
–Oscar Wilde

Success is scientific, and it’s predictable. Its cause and effect; you do this, and you get this result. Don’t try to mystify success; this will only keep it out of your reach.

Success is a simple science; simple to understand that is.

Although success is quite simple to understand, it is usually very difficult to accomplish; difficult to accomplish, …but still worth the price.

It’s true that the price of “true success” is never too high. As the saying goes, “No journey is too great, when one finds what he seeks.” You see, “true success” is finding exactly what you seek, in every area of your life. True success, is balanced success.

4. Pure Enthusiasm

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
–Winston Churchill

To run you must first crawl, to succeed you must first fail. Failure is a part of success, you can’t separate the two. To say that you want success without failure is to say you want water, without the wet. It’s a package deal, you get them both.

Failure is the school that trains you for success; you can’t succeed without a degree from Failure State University (FSU). It’s through failure that you prepare to succeed. The secret is to never lose enthusiasm as you go from failure to failure.

If you learn from each failure, while working in an area where you’re passionate, you will make progress, and in time, you will succeed.

5. Effort, Effort, Effort

“Success is dependent on effort.”

When it’s all said and done, the person who succeeds is usually the person who has put in the most effort in a particular field. Look at the successful people in the world, the great writers, have spent the most time writing, the great actors, have spent the most time acting, the great singers, have spent the most time singing; these individuals worked towards their natural gifts, and they allowed “effort” to carry them the rest of the journey.

Are you giving your best effort? Success requires all that you are. You won’t succeed on 20 percent effort; you are going to have to give your all. So let me encourage you to give your all today, and when you do, your life will never, ever, ever be the same.

Thank you for reading and please pass this article along!

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20 thoughts on 5 Essential Lessons on Success

  1. Uday Shankar S

    Thank you Tina for posting it… You always keep us motivated, Thank you so much once again..

  2. Very true.
    It all comes down to who wants it the most.
    Natural ability and luck are second to how hard you work.

    What I would like to add to your list is setting goals.
    Knowing what it is you wish to accomplish and what constitutes a success is of the utmost importance if you are to succeed.

    It is the clarity of your goals that determines your motivation and it helps you focus your activities so that all you do is feeding in to your goal.

    Thanks for the article and keep up the good work.

  3. I think one thing you forgot to say is that you need to define success before you can achieve it. And it has to be a realistic goal. Otherwise you’ll find it difficult to follow those five steps.
    Great post! You’ve inspired me to be more concentrated and put more effort into my goals. Maybe I’ll achieve my own success someday soon.

  4. Sam H.

    Do you think you can be successful in a variety of areas in your life in the same manner as your “lifelong passion”?

    This is an issue I am tackling in my life. I know what my probable career passion is, and it is something I have been interested in since I was a child.

    The problem is, I am transitioning into the “mature adult” phase of my life and have been in college for a couple of years, and I question what I really want out of life.

    I of course wish to be successful in my “career” area of life, but at what cost? I am afraid if I dedicate my all to my career I will be completely hollow of a human being in the areas of life I am also interested in and would love to develop a true passion for as well. But I am afraid of dedicating time twoards those passions because I do not wish to be a “jack of all trades, master of none”. Even if some of those passions are completely unrelated… i.e. friendships, love, seeing more of the world, etc.

    I’ve heard that I should do what I desire out of life at that moment, but I don’t know which desire is the best one to pursue and if it will set me back in my career goals.

  5. Great article! I’m currently working a new business venture, and this article is just what I needed to read to re-focus and re-energize about it! I like how you “demystify” success…it really is about concentrated effort, determination and passion.

    I look forward to reading more in the future!
    Cailen Ascher
    writer, blogger, author

  6. Mr. Self Development


    Real success is balanced success. Don’t spend so much time on your career that your health or family fall apart. Don’t spend so much time working on your health and family that you can’t afford the things you really desire in life. Work to discover that perfect balance for you. You are young it may take a little time to get it just right. As far as your passion, and not being sure what to do, just keep trying things out, you are still young, and it’s important that you work in an area that will bring you happiness. Don’t be so anxious to start your journey that you take off down the wrong path. Take your time, follow your heart, and you will be just fine!

  7. It is not just about you being happy you could be quite happy by being a real ***t***d to everyone and successful with money to boot. I think Stephen Covey describes it well using the idea “what would you like people to say about you at your funeral”

    Stay Well Stay Happy

  8. I think success is a formula.
    It encompasses Big thinking, Creative thinking, Belief in possibility, desire, Positive mental Attitude and Some fun. Put all these aspect together and you will succeed. As long as your following your passion. The activity you love to do. The one activity that takes your breathe away. This is where your success lies. If you don’t open your eyes , you wont be able to see your own acres of diamonds wrap around your neck.

  9. Success is all about self belief. It doesn’t matter if your trying to take over the world or just trying to find love it’s a must to strive for success. Not to many people have much success these days because nobody believes in anything anymore. Great article keep up the great work.

  10. #5 is so true! I believe that if you don’t give your all into something, it won’t be 100% successful. you really have to constantly do it so that it becomes the BEST it could ever be. #2 is also important. I think if you are not passionate, you won’t have the drive to do #5. Very, very interesting post. thanks for this!

  11. Great post, very GTD related! Check out the recording of a webinar we recently did with David Allen for some more lessons for success.

    You can find the webinar recording here:


  12. I mean, it seems almost silly to put all of these up here in a list, because they’re so damn obvious, but it’s still great to hear them. You get that scary feeling when you realize that all you’ve ever wanted is kind of right there in front of you, if you would just put the effort into reaching out and taking it.

    Thanks for the share :)

  13. By the way, I absolutely love the design of your blog. The colors are terrific, and the font and line-spacing is so readable. Good job!

  14. Great blog post.
    I really like the way you laid out the 5 ingredients of success.
    Was the first article I’ve seen of this site, will come back for more, very inspiring & informative :-)

  15. All the tips are really awesome. I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked your site to check out the latest stuff you post.

  16. I find when I am positive and motivated about something it comes naturally. I am a naturally motivated person and have a high energy level. I find that helps me a lot as well.

  17. Very inspiring article! I love how you give an example of some common misconceptions that many have and analyze and correct them. I was always raised to push with the thought failure is not an option, and not acceptable. When in fact failure shows us what true success is.

  18. Very inspirational and motivating! I love how you analyze the quotes to prove what your lessons. Many are pushed such as myself, failure is not an option. When in fact that it is with failure you learn what is true success.

  19. Mr. Self Development,

    Great post!

    Being a student of success is a very exciting journey. Studying various success philosophy’s had lead me to base most of my content on exploring Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie and a few other’s success principles.

    It is proving to be a wonderfully enlightening and empowering journey.

    Thanks for the great info.

  20. Jyoti Kharel

    Dear Tina,
    your blog has been a medication to my sadness, lack of confidence, fear and hopelessness. Your articles are the key to get and enjoy the stuffs – happiness, art, power and potentiality that are unexplored inside us!

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