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How to Get Over a Break Up

Falling passionately in love with someone is one of the most exhilarating feelings, as if you had wings and you are flying high in the sky, feeling the wind romantically blowing through your hair. And usually, when love ends, it feels as if you’ve been dropped like a rock in mid-air. You scramble to grab a hold of something … anything, as you witness your body falling at great speeds, and then shattering on the earth below.

Whether we’re talking about breakups, or facing the reality of a one-sided romance, it is painful. So much so that it disrupts our normal flow of experiences, causing us to not function normally.

With so much emotion invested and our identities tied in with these experiences, it’s no wonder that this is the number one topic requested by readers. Over the past year, I have regularly received email from readers sharing their own takes on painful breakups; tales of guilt, of fear, of regret, and of resentment. Although the stories were different, the underlying message was universal and one in the same, “I am in so much pain from not being with this person – what can I do?

Sometimes, the pain of lost love is so intense that it can shake our beliefs about romance and relationships. When these emotional bruises are not understood and have not healed properly, they become invisible baggage that drag with us into the next relationship. This article focuses on the healing process from “love lost”.

Personal Story: The Gift of “Love Lost”

I categorize myself as a very passionate and emotional person. I cry easily at movies and at the sight of passers-by with physical disabilities. When I love, I give it my all, and when it ends, the pain of feeling abandoned can become overwhelmingly and cripplingly intense.

In fact, my journey into personal growth began when I was confronted by a painful breakup five years ago. Out of despair, I had picked up a copy of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – the only personal development book I had heard of, at the time. Although I would recommend a different book now for similar circumstances, at the time, this book introduced me to new concepts that helped me make sense of my emotions, and I was hungry for more.

Over the next few years, it was through dealing with recurring relationship issues that I experienced several rewarding revelations and was able to trigger several major growth spurts in my own self-improvement. While these emotionally-infused episodes of “love lost” might have seemed unbearably painful at the time of happening, they were also the catalyst for personal growth, and played a critical role in my becoming a more wholesome and complete person.

The Origins of Love and Pain

Before diving into the practical how-to of healing, let’s first look at what love is, where it comes from, and why we experience so much pain when it ends.

Photo: melissa

I believe that love is a universal energy infused in all forms of life. It is something that lies within the core of every one of us. When we are in a state of conscious awareness, the intense feeling of love and connectedness is clear and undeniable. When we are in this state of clarity and inner peace, our thoughts and actions are based in love and truth.

Within the depths of our souls, we are all connected by this unifying and essential energy of life – love. We occasionally experience glimpses of this deep connection through various and accidental happenstances, such as:

  • A gratifying and intimate conversation with another person. Sharing and expressing your thoughts honestly and openly.
  • Creative expressions such as playing music, writing, drawing, dancing, cooking, designing or even computer programming.
  • Meditation, prayers or communing with your chosen religious group.
  • Communing with nature during a hike, a walk or while sitting by the bed of a river flowing beautifully in front of you.
  • During sexual orgasm (The Dalai Lama has written about this.)

When we fall in love with another person, we are essentially experiencing the love that was within us all along. The person is merely acting like a mirror reflecting our soul back at us. Technically, we can’t “fall” in love, because we are already made of love. The other person, much like a musical instrument, is the catalyst allowing us to recognize the beauty that’s already within us.

Because of our lack of understanding that love resides within us, and that we actually have the power to invoke it on our own, we credit it to the other person for giving love to us. This feeling is so strong and extraordinary, that we become addictive and possessive. We want to capture it and keep it fixed, so that we can – at last – keep this heightened feeling forever.

The desire and dependency to keep this form fixed, becomes a source of self identification that artificially justifies who we are as physical beings. We become attached to the fixed idea of how our relationship should go and our ego quickly becomes the main investor in this fund of a relationship.

The truth is that, everyone and everything is in a constant flow of change. The changes in us and in our external circumstances are inevitable and undeniable. When we change, the dynamics of our relationships change – not just romantic ones, but also friendships, family ties, and our relationships with co-workers.

Over time, some relationships strengthen and some grow apart. When people grow apart, it doesn’t mean that either one of them was a bad person, but rather that they’ve learned all that they needed to from the other person, and that it’s time to move on.

When it’s time to move on, we hold onto this invisible box that contains an idealized and fixated form of how things should be. We unconsciously and instinctively fall into the false believe that we must stop the love when we are no longer romantically involved.

Because we attribute love as being ‘to’ this other person external to us, pain happens when we forcefully try to kill the love, which is actually within us.

Let’s repeat: Pain happens when we forcefully kill the love that’s within us.

When we forcefully try to kill the love within us, it physically feels as if someone has stabbed a knife into our heart, and a sharp pain surfaces in our chest area. In reality, we are that someone doing the stabbing, because we are trying to sever our innate connection to love and our Soul is now bleeding. Our Soul is crying for help, asking us to stop the stabbing, to stop the pain.

A Love Affair & Emotional Freedom

When it comes to love,
you need not fall but rather surrender,
surrender to the idea that you must love yourself
before you can love another.
You must absolutely trust yourself
before you can absolutely trust another
and most importantly you must accept your flaws
before you can accept the flaws of another.

~ Philosophy: Falling in Love
My preferred suggestion to healing from love lost is the same as the one for finding love: to love yourself, first.

In previous relationships, we probably depended on our partners to make us happy, to make us feel special, to make us whole and complete. Our self-worth may have been wrapped up in how much attention our partner gave us. This is a ‘lose-lose’ formula that works against our personal happiness, because it relies heavily on external circumstances beyond our control and is not sustainable in the long term.

Truth is, nothing external to us can give us the security we need. Only we can give that to ourselves, by loving and accepting ourselves completely.

By learning to love and appreciate ourselves, not only do we free ourselves from the chains that keep us in pain when a relationship ends, it also makes us more attractive to the outside world. Even when you don’t explicitly speak about it, something in the grace of your movement will spread that message to others, like a summer breeze softly blowing the scent of a flower to neighboring plants.

7 Tips Getting Over a Break Up

Photo: Nathiya Prathnadi

1. Letting Go

What would you do if your house was burnt to the ground, and everything you owned was destroyed? I’m sure you’d be frustrated and angry at first, but at the same time, no amount of anger will undo what has been done. It is what it is. Your best bet is to begin moving on, and working towards creating a new home.

Similarly, when a relationship ends, you’ll want to practice letting go and allowing the healing process to begin quickly.

If you were on the receiving end of a breakup, do not dwell on whether the person will come back or not, if they broke up with you at one point, chances are, something is wrong with the fit of your partnership, and you’ll be better appreciated elsewhere, with someone else. Even if you and the ex get back together, it is unlikely to last (from my experience).

Trust that everything in the Universe happens for a reason, and it benefits everyone involved in the long run, even if the benefits are not yet clear. Trust that this is the best possible thing to happen to you right now, and the reasons will become clear in the future.

2. Release Tension and Bundled Up Energy

We all have the need to be understood and heard. Whether we’re on the receiving end or the initiating end of a breakup, we often carry with us the tension and any unexpressed emotions. We can release this extra energy by:

  • Talking about it with a friend.
  • Voicing our opinions honestly and openly with our ex-partner, which have been bottled up in the past.
  • Punching a pillow and crying freely for 10 minutes
  • Screaming out aloud and imagining unwanted energy being released with your voice (seriously, I’ve done a meditation that incorporated this, and I instantly felt better).
  • Writing in a journal (more on this later).
  • Exercise and body movement.
  • Meditating.

3. Love Yourself

The practice of loving yourself is the most important aspect on the road to personal happiness and emotional stability. I’ve personally had my most valuable personal growth spurts during the period when I vigorously worked on this aspect of my life.

I did everything from cooking myself fancy dinners, to spending every Sunday on my own doing the things that I loved, to taking myself to Symphonies, to taking overseas trips on my own. Each one had its own challenges and confronted my beliefs about loneliness. Through overcoming the fear of loneliness, I experienced deep joy all by myself. It was so gratifying, refreshing and empowering.

Here are some ideas to cultivate the art of loving yourself:

  • Take yourself on romantic dates as if you were on a date with another person. Put on nice clothes, maybe buy yourself flowers, treat yourself to something delicious, and take long walks under the stars. Whatever your idea of a romantic date is.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes. Smile slightly with your eyes. Practice giving gratitude to what you see. You don’t need words. Just send out the intent of giving an abundance of love to the eyes that you see, and feel the feelings of love within you. As you are looking into your eyes, look for something you admire about your eyes – maybe the color, the shape, the depth, the exoticness, or even the length of your eye lashes. This will be a little weird and uncomfortable at first, but just trust me, and continue with it. Do this for a few minutes every day.
  • Sit or stand in front of a mirror, or sit somewhere comfortable (mix it up, and do both on different days), put both hands on your chest and say to yourself, “I love you, <insert your name>”. Repeat a few times, slowly. Continue with qualities you like about yourself, or things you are good at. Be generous and list many, even if they sound silly. Example, “I love that you always know how to make your salads so colorful and appetizing.”, “I love that you have the discipline to go to the gym regularly, and you really take care of your body.”, “I love that you are so neat, and can keep your desk so organized.”
  • Practice doing things on your own to challenge your fear of being alone. For example, if you have a fear of eating alone in a restaurant, go out to a restaurant on your own. Your mission is to find the joy within that experience.

4. Love Your Ex-Partner

Allow the love within you to flow. Try practicing forgiveness and open up your heart.

Over the past few months, my friend Tom Stine and I have been chatting about the topic of overcoming breakups. Tom had been married for 13 years and went through a divorce that took him 2 years to emotionally recover from. When asked about how he got over his ex-wife, he had a few snippets of wisdom to convey:

  • “I let myself love her. Even when it felt like my heart was going to break. Adyashanti says something amazing – when people say, ‘My heart feels like it is going to break.’ He says, ‘Let it break. If you let it really break – really, really break, it will transform you.'”
  • “LET YOUR HEART BREAK WIDE OPEN. Let go of every possible belief or thought that says your ex is anything other than the most incredible, amazing, wonderful person in the Universe. You gotta love them and open your broken heart, WIDE OPEN!!!! That’s how to get over a break-up, really get over it. Anything short of that is not gonna do it.”
  • “The key for me was getting utterly clear: we are apart, and the Universe never makes mistakes. We are over. And I can still love her. That was HUGE. I can love her with all my heart and soul and we never have to be together. And when I realized that, I felt amazing. And still do. The freedom was great. I could finally own-up to how much I wanted out of our relationship. All the hurt and anger disappeared. I was free.”

The underlying message of love in Tom’s words is pretty clear and powerful.

Photo: Nathiya Prathnadi

5. Give it Time

It takes time to heal. Be patient. Give it more time. I promise the storm will end, and the sun will peak through the clouds.

6. Journal Your Experience

Spend some quality time in a comfortable chair, at your desk or at a café, and write your thoughts and feelings on paper. No, not typing on a laptop, writing on paper with a pen. Follow your heart and flow freely, but if you’re stuck, here are some writing exercises you can do:

  • Drill into the why – Start with a question or statement, and continue to drill into why you feel that way until you have a truthful and satisfying reason. The exercise isn’t to issue blame or blow off steam at someone else. It’s meant to gain clarity and understanding into how you feel, so you can alleviate unnecessary pain. For example, you might start with the statement, “I am in a lot of pain, ouch!”, and your why might be “because she left me”. Now ask yourself, “why does that hurt so much?”, and one possible why might be, “because I feel abandoned”. The following why to “why does feeling abandoned hurt so much?”, “because it makes me feel alone”, etc. More than likely, the real reason has something to do with our own insecurities or fears.
  • Finding the Lessons – What did you learn from the relationship? What did you learn from the other person? How is your life better because of it? How will your future relationships be better because of it?

7. Read Something Inspirational

Books that deal with our emotions and ego are incredible tools at a time of healing. They help to enlighten our understanding of ourselves and our experiences.

Here are some recommended books:

Parting Words: Healing from Breakup

Every relationship will end someday, whether by break-up or by the death of one partner. Relationships have cycles. They are born, they live, and they die. Just like every part of life. It is merely a part of life.”
Tom Stine

Socially, we view the end of a relationship with a negative connotation and give it the label of a ‘failure’. Just because a relationship has ended does not mean that the relationship was a failure. Both parties likely gained something substantial in either learning about themselves or for the benefit of future partnerships.

Capture the beauty of time shared together, and note the valuable life lessons learned. Be thankful for having experienced love, and know that you are a better person because of it.

No challenge is ever presented to us, if we are un-able to handle it.

For those currently in relationships, cherish and honor your partner for who they are as form and formless Beings. Accept the reality that life is full of change, and dance with the changes and challenges as they come. And when they come, view each one as an opportunity for personal growth – when you do that, nothing is lost.

All is well, and so be it.

** What are your experiences with dealing with breakups? Any words of wisdom for others going through it? Share your thoughts and stories with us in the comment section. See you there!

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283 thoughts on How to Get Over a Break Up

  1. Rj

    My boyfriend of six years broke up with me just yesterday through a text message. Mind you, it was the second time he did this. I felt really devastated. I felt unloved, disrespected, worthless and dis-valued that I was not given a formal closure. We have had relationship struggles but I always see to it address the issues concerned and tried to find resolutions. He, however, does not want to talk our issues. he’s non-confrontational. When we were together, he would rather choose to keep mum about our issues and pretend as if nothing happened and everything’s fine which made me feel unheard. chances are, my issues with him pile up and when the limit’s reached I burst leading to nag him which he hates. With the situation I am in, I felt abandoned much more disrespected. Glad to have read your article. somehow, I felt relieved. Thanks to you!

  2. rhani

    Thank you Tina. This article has helped me more than I can say and within only hours of reading it. I have recently broken up with my partner of just under a year. I am 20 and although I have had relationships before, this was my “first love”. I was lied to, misled and ultimately used by this boy, who had asked me to marry him, wanted to start a life and a family with me and then one day told me he didn’t love me and hadn’t for a long time. I can’t describe the emotional rollercoaster I have been on for the past few weeks. I am a very happy person generally, although I am sensitive. This news destroyed me and I spent three weeks in bed, unmotivated and out of faith. I felt my self had been destroyed… But your article made me see that I am allowing myself to feel this way only. I can’t hate him because I am only damaging myself. I can’t lose my faith because really it wasn’t tied up in him in the first place. All of the faith and love I need in this world is within me and me only. He may have mirrored these things for me, stroked my ego if you will. But he never gave me anything, he just let me feel my own power. I am instantly lighter, happier and stronger. I never considered myself a forgiving person, I hold a strong and long grudge, but the best part of accepting all of this, I have no grudge to hold. I can forgive without trying because there is no longer any blame. Thank you tina. I can’t say it enough. You woke me up.

  3. saffronseeds

    thanks for the beautiful article. feels like a god sent. thank you :)

  4. Haley

    Wow this article i think gives some good advise.
    I was in a relationship with a girl for 3 years. Which was my first relationship with a girl. A month before our 3 year anniversary I went to visit her an noticed she was hiding her phone while she was texting someone. Turns out she said she cheated on me and with a girl i dated right before her. This girl was in a relationship with a man when we dated and she told me she couldnt do it and i should persue things with this other girl (who is my ex now from the 3 year relationship) I was so upset. But I contiune to talk to my ex everyday and we hangout alot. Its been about two years since the break up now and everyday ive tried to get her back. Everyone says give it time… isnt two years enough time that i should be able to move on? I cant seem to though.
    She still calls me every night to tell me goodnight and sweetdreams. Now she has become more distant and its bringing back all the old emotions i felt right after the break up. I just dont know what to do anymore… Im absolutely terrified that she will start dating someone else. Ive tried to date other people but it never worked out. So i figure ill start with the advise this article gives and maybe it will help. Friends have said i cannot move on and let go because i still talk to her everyday and hang out with her. But i just cant seem to let go. If anyone has any advise please help…

  5. Kirel

    Hello Tina.

    I have read this couple of times and I have to say that it is really something, I would love to add that point number 4 is just weird and I cannot see where it suppose to lead you. It is crazy to be betrayed by someone you love and care for, someone that I put my heart in her hand and because she though that I did something wrong, she squeezed my heart, leaving me into a pain that I swore I was never gonna feel again, but it happened. I really worried to see how much can this affect me when I tried to go into another relation. This is the third time someone brakes my heart and every time is getting colder and colder. For the first time in my life I think my hear will become a cold stone. This is my third day into this agony and it is really taking every strength from me. Every aspect of my live is a wreck right now. Please any help is appreciated, really any.

  6. Deborah

    Sending healing energy for your broken heart…and my prayer is that you will heal and heal quickly.. The love you felt for Her lives inside you… you get to take that love with you wherever you go..You will smile again I promise…

  7. Nobody

    Everything you said makes so much sense.
    Now if my heart could only read. =( I would be okay.
    Truth is I am crying….I will cry some more….I will look at my phone to see if he called or texted….I will day dream that he comes crawling back.
    I am a idiot. This I know.

  8. ding rui

    i’m a little bit headache right now . she broke up with me 5 days ago , and she regreted then . And for me , i really want to break up . because i have suffered enough . i just don’t what go back . But what makes me headache now , is she’s trying to begging me back . i know it’s impossible but still she’s doing it .
    she told me about how bad she was and how’s feeling she was. but i care nothing .she has written 2 long emails to me , it makes me very sad.
    how can i to let her FORGET me ! it’s crazy !

  9. Emi

    Thank you tina, this article is so comforting. :)

  10. Thanks for the publish. My partner and i have often observed that the majority of people are needing to lose weight simply because wish to show up slim plus attractive. Nevertheless, they do not constantly realize that there are other benefits for you to losing weight additionally. Doctors state that fat people are afflicted with a variety of conditions that can be directly attributed to their particular excess weight. The great news is that people that are overweight in addition to suffering from various diseases are able to reduce the severity of the illnesses simply by losing weight. You possibly can see a gradual but noted improvement in health while even a bit of a amount of fat loss is obtained.

  11. prasad

    my relation was 6 years, my girl friend broke with me,
    i could not control the pain,i feeling lonely, i lost my job,
    i wish to get her back in my life,but she his with some one else, any body please help me out, my

    • Sisa

      My boyfriend and i for more than 6 years and 8 months just broke-up recently… i found out he cheated on me since 2011…he also had another girl – they had been together for 3 years and 6 months… it crushed my world apart… we had plans of settling down and he said that he loves me so much and he was contented in me… i’m still in pain … felt ugly, worthless and all the negativities… but in spite of that i still love him and i’m so stupid…very stupid…

  12. still hurting

    I went through a breakup two weeks ago. We were together for two years and I was under the assumption that we were very happy. We always talked about getting married and having a life together. Then one day out of the blue he told me he wasn’t happy. How am I supposed to get over something like that? Everyone in our lives were completely caught off guard just like I was. I understand that I need to love myself but I can’t help thinking that I did something wrong. Why else would I and everyone else think we were so happy? Please help. They say time heals all wounds but I’m still in so much pain its almost crippling.

  13. gokul

    thank u very much.i will recover

  14. Going to add you to my google reader, awsome stuff. Maintain it up and u have a loyal reader.

  15. sara

    thanks for the article. the comments were great to read too. made me realize the love i had is not unique, im not alone, pain is pain, but i don’t have to suffer.

  16. brana

    i am brana i lives in slovakia and i was in a serious relationship with my ex guy for three good years..

    One day we were in a dinner party, we had a little misunderstanding which lead to a quarrel and he stood up and left me at the dinner party.

    i try to call him but he was not picking my calls so after than i contacted my brother and told him about it,my brother so much love me that he had to see him on my behalf,he told my brother that it is over between us..

    then i contacted a friend of mine that had this similar experience and she directed me to one of the spiritual diviner ( first i thought it was not going to be possible and i contacted him i was ask to come up with a little requirement,so i did what i was ask to do, after 3 days i was in my office when my ex guy called me and was asking me to forgive him and come back to him.

    i was very surprise it was like a dream to me,so ever since we have been happily married with one kid my lovely

    baby(Ceslav)…i wish you the best of luck…

  17. I read through this article 5 times. I wanted to grasp it all and make sure that I didn’t miss a single word. The first three times I read it my eyes were blurry with tears. This article gave me so much hope. I have been trying to get over an ex boyfriend for 8 months now and I began to think I would feel this pain for the rest of my life. I was miserable. This article has opened my eyes, and I know now that I will be just fine. Thank you.

  18. Redianthus

    This is so soppy and stupid that it makes me feel ill. This information does not help many people who have broken up at all! How many people have got money to buy themselves flowers during this recession for goodness sake! And that would just reinforce miserable memories of the pig who never bought you flowers! All this soothing “learning of lessons of life” is offensive to to a person whose emotions are destroyed. Their lives are not textbooks or universities; they do not need to be told that they have learnt something. How gutless and insensitive is that!? Good riddance and what a load of bull to all this sugary, feminine goo about “let the heart open and forgive.” Nobody’s heart is open to forgive after they have had their heart ripped out and trampled on and even told they do not possess a heart for wrecking. The best way to get over a break up is to freely hate the person who let you down, refuse to forgive them (mercilessly) for as long as it takes to get over the agony, sense of injustice and the bruises. Lay a deep curse on them if necessary – promise them in a quiet, meaningful magic-sounding voice that: what comes around goes around and their narcissistic attitude is not your issue anymore so they are now free to fall into their own private muddy pond and drown – and that is definitely going to happen to them and they will be there for eternity unless they start looking at themselves from a new angle rather than a mirror! (if they deserve hell that is) And and find a new partner immediately even though it probably won’t last. There is nothing better than having the healing feelings of being wanted by a new person so go for it! IT is natural to do that; just don’t make the obscure object of desire feel as if they are being stalked or hunted; get them to hunt you by saying: “no, I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs; that is beneath me. And alcohol makes makes people fat”. Drifting around in a state of celibate depression like some romantic half creature from a lake in Germany is only going to add to the sheer misery of being alone and wretchedly celibate so …get involved..don’t wait for someone to come along ( because they never do in reality unless they are called Mr or Ms Wrong #….?) ask them to have a medical check for STI’s first and if they concede, then really do love yourself as much as you can.

    • Thank you for your short and to the point piece of truth. I do believe that feeling angry about being shit on is healthy and needed in life to become stronger down the road. The part that tells us to buy ourselves flowers is just fucking sad and so pathetic that if I reached that level of insecurity that its game over in life! Thank you again for having the balls to say what needed to be said to the readers of this article. I myself had a very bad break up after 6 years and found my partner had been lying for two years just to hurt me and became even more angry when I showed no pain from her actions. This world can be cruel and dangerous. I say do what ever one needs to do to recover and don’t lie to yourself about anything. I agree with everything you had to say and don’t feel the least bit bad about feeling my ex will feel the wrath of her own nasty venom.

  19. mayank

    i just want to thank you that after reading this article i am feeling much much better
    thnx a lot

  20. Ashley corbett

    I’m reali sorry im going through a break up and it’s bin 3months and I’m still in love , angry, upset u name it I feel it but if every relationship is a cycle and will evenchaly end in heart ache again y would we even consider having another relationship when what ur saying is it’s going to end and to b ok with it! I’m sorry but that’s crap! Love has the power to completely destroy us man and woman, so would we openly hand sum1 that much power over us! U can say I’m bitter etc etc and yeah I am but my eyes r wide open and I c everything very clearly, you atract a partner then they change u into there idea of wat they were reali after then wen u change to that they diside it wasn’t reali wat they wonted in first place, iv relised woman don’t have a clue what they won’t and men r stupid anuff to do anything for sex! It’s a womans world and men r just new age slaves give sum1 everything and ur buying there love give them nothing and they will find sum1 who will tell them u love them and b there for them and ur smuvering them, if u Dnt tell them u have no emotions we can never win in the game of love the odds r staked against us big time, my advise stay single do everything u hav ever dreamed of and Dnt let sum1 else stop u doing it just coz it isn’t there thing it’s that black and White! Happyiness and freedom to live, or heart ache pain suffering & depression!

  21. paul

    Thanks for the tools. Feeling slightly better. Thankas again!

  22. Rd

    I have read a gazillion articles online after my breakup with my ex about 2 months ago. He really meant the world to me and i have been trying to hate him and blame him for hurting me so much by his actions. i feel so much love for him which i used to get angry about – and still do. but i love the point : love ur ex partner. its true that it helps. In the past, i have accepted my love for my ex and hence, over time it helped me let go of him…it was the easiest way to let go. to accept that i love him a lot and always want the best for him. to accept that i want him to be safe and happy. I am going to try fight my feelings of revenge, hurt and betrayal and try to remember that i really love this guy and letting him be would help me love him more and let him go and thus improve both our lives.

  23. ANNA

    thanks to lordzula who help me get my love back my name is ANNA my I just broke up with my boyfriend and I want her back. This is so hard I hate it! I think I will have to wait a couple of months before I talk to her again. Maybe he’ll miss me?but after 3months he did not call i run to redrocktemple and he help me u can contact he at redrocktemple @

  24. Raatene Kiritimati

    thank you so much Tina for your powerful hints….your words penetrates me like a sharp knife……at first when i read it i remember my self a year ago when i am in love with a guy who breaks with me 7times…..without knowing why enwaii thanks

  25. Raatene Kiritimati

    now i know that love is not something we receive it is something we already had as we are born through love….gesundheit……now i think i can start learning loving my own self rather than wasting my time loving others who cannot satisfied my heart…

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