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  • Video: Glimpses of Kashgar

    Posted on 10.05.08 | 10 Comments

    Kashgar Ladies Walking XinJiang
    Photo by Tina Su

    Kashgar has been a little overwhelming in several senses of the word. For one, the culture is vastly different than anything I’ve experienced; the colors are bold, the sounds are loud, and countless food stalls are packed between carpet and butcher shops along the street. If I had been blindfolded and dropped into this city, I would have guessed that I was dropped in Iran or somewhere in Central Asia.

    Also, people look different; initially, I couldn’t stop staring at the little blond girls with green eyes, or the identically dressed men in Borat-like outfits roaming in groups and walking in unison. I wanted to follow them, and watch how they live. I was basically in sensory overload for the first few days.

    It’d be too much to describe to you all that I’ve seen in this city in one post, so I will break it down into digestible chucks for your viewing pleasure.  Not to mention I’m still a bit freaked-out from the earthquake that just rattled the hotel I’m staying in!

    For now, here are some video clips I took while walking along the streets of Kashgar that should give you an introductory feel for the place. I will fill in the details later.

    Street Scene One:

    Street Scene Two:

    How People Cross the Street (And ignore traffic lights):

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