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The World’s Simplest Meditation

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Editor’s Note

I did this meditation once with a stranger at a seminar years ago, during which I found myself with tears, much like what Richard describes below. Check it out. Try it with a friend.

If you want to know God Then turn your face toward your friend And don’t look away. ~Rumi

I sat looking directly into the young woman’s eyes.

She looked right back.

After a few minutes, tears began flowing uncontrollably down her cheeks.

We kept looking.

Twenty minutes into our gazing session, the tears stopped.

“What happened for you?” I asked gently.

“I saw a beautiful golden light behind you. Then all the sadness I had inside about my Mom’s death came up. That’s why I started crying. I was never able to cry before. I feel so much lighter.” she said.

My wife Remedia and I use gazing meditation in most of the healing sessions we do for people. We discovered firsthand how quickly this simple process releases suppressed emotions, stress and tension, leading rapidly to Spiritual growth.

Gazing into Remedia’s beautiful brown eyes took me directly to the shining purity of her soul. Our souls merged into one.

It’s easy for you to clear your mind and emotions with this simple meditation:

  • Pick any object.
  • Look at it without allowing your eyes to break contact (blinking is OK).
  • Keep breathing.

Dead easy, right?

Gazing meditation is the fastest, easiest meditation technique.

It requires no special (uncomfortable) postures. It requires no special breathing techniques (that you forget to do anyway). It requires no special mental exercises.

Looking at just one object without looking away brings all the benefits of the other, more difficult, meditations.

  • It develops one pointed concentration. (You’re looking at one object.)
  • Your busy thoughts calm naturally. (You don’t even have to observe them.)
  • Breathing slows and deepens by it self. (Removing another thing to focus on.)
  • Your suppressed emotional energies release quickly. (You may find tears running down your face.)

The advantages over other types of meditation are many.

  • You can do it anywhere. (People around you just think you’re day dreaming.)
  • Noise doesn’t interfere. (Ever try finding a totally noise free space?)
  • You need no special equipment. (Patchouli oil, cushions, candles, incense or music.)
  • A few minutes are enough to relax and get a grip. (Who has two hours for anything these days?)

Gazing meditation has been around for a long time. Many think that Rumi, the 13th Century Sufi poet, was practicing gazing with his controversial teacher Shams during all the days that they cloistered themselves in a room. Rumi certainly writes eloquently about “gazing into the eyes of the beloved.”

Choosing an object that inspires feelings of peace and love in you will enhance your experience. A flower, a beautiful scene, someone’s picture or the beautiful eyes of a real living loved one all work well.

As you gaze, your object may appear to change shape or color. You may see strange distortions in your peripheral vision. Not to worry. It’s normal. Just keep looking.

You’ll probably experience one or more of these symptoms of releasing stress and negative emotion:

  1. Tears flow out of your eyes, but you’re not actually crying.
  2. You yawn without being sleepy.
  3. You belch but haven’t eaten or drunk anything.
  4. You pass wind. (It’s permitted.)

All of these symptoms are signs that the gazing is working its wonder of restoring balance and free flow to your inner being. This is soon reflected in calmer emotions and a more relaxed mind.

With your mind and emotions calm and relaxed, mental focus returns. Creativity can blossom. New solutions to old problems appear.

You may notice another phenomenon occurring inside yourself as you gaze. A wave of emotion will slowly rise up inside you. Just when it becomes unbearable, it will peak and subside quickly.

Then another wave will start to build. These cycles usually take from five to twenty minutes to play out.

When a wave begins building, please don’t stop gazing until it has peaked and passed away. If you don’t allow the cycle to complete, you don’t get the extremely beneficial release.

Ten to twenty minutes of gazing is enough to bring some relief. Setting the alarm on your phone or clock helps with timing.

You may find gazing addictive and start wanting to gaze longer and longer. This especially happens when you’re gazing directly into the eyes of a loved one. Try it with a baby or with your partner.

With enough practice, you’ll see all the way into the brilliance of your loved one’s soul. You’ll see her soul growing, expanding, drawing you in until your two souls become one. (Soul Mates!)

You may realize that there is absolutely no difference between your joined souls and the Divine Soul. All are one.

Self Realization, or Enlightenment, occurs in that moment.

Give gazing a try. It may lead to more than you think it will.

Editor’s Note:

When I received this guest post submission from Richard, I was instantly reminded of an experience at a Tony Robin’s seminar from years ago, where we were instructed to gaze into the eyes of someone we didn’t know.

We were instructed to send this person love through our eyes and to look at each other for 5 minutes at a time. It was uncomfortable and awkward at first, but a few minutes into it, tears started streaming down my face, and the same for my partner. We cycled through several random partners and each time the experience was intimate and emotional.

I don’t remember much from that seminar, but I do remember this. It’s one of those experiences you’ll never forget. It changes you. It changes the way you view other people—specifically that we are not so different.

I’ve also tried this on my 2 year-old son, while watching him play. Same effect. Cool exercise. Give it a try.

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About the author

The first time Richard Crown experienced the amazing healing energy of pure love that pours out of Remedia, he became an instant addict. He’s from California. She was born into the Clan of Healers in the Philippine’s Wari-Wari tribe. Together, they have been traveling, healing and teaching meditation for 15 years. You can book a healing session or a personal meditation course online with them right now.

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7 thoughts on The World’s Simplest Meditation

  1. This is what I like to see, it is what meditation should be without all the complications.

    Don’t forget to pass wind. ;)

  2. Great post!

    I’ve been listening to a piece of meditation music from Merlin’s Magic called “The Heart of Reiki” that resonates with me. Sometimes, I’ll light a candle and stare at it. Of course, my favorite way to meditate is to sit outside in nature. It’s one of the reasons why I love Arizona. I used to hike South Mountain Park in Phoenix and had my ‘meditation’ spots at on the mountain. I love hot weather so I could spend an hour or two meditating on the mountain. It’s extremely peaceful. :)

  3. I love this; I’m fairly new to meditation and really enjoy sitting outside, gazing and listening too. We have a pond, and I find the running water through the fountain very calming and a great way to focus. Simple and effective.

  4. Nice to see this – always powerful, because it takes us right back to being a child and when we connected first with our mums, gazing is how we connect, bond, feel safe and communicate as a baby… In a world where we often forget about being face to face this post talks of how important it is to connect with people and on such a deep level we all need to be seen by someone ! X

  5. Mahalo for sharing this. Meditation is something I have been trying to do on a more consistent basis, but have never tried staring into a loved one’s eyes.


  6. Tana

    It is the second time I am coming across the this type of meditation this year, the other one being called’ Heart of the Rose’ meditation. I think it uses the same principle as gazing meditation :) I am drawn to practise it more than ever !

    Thanks a lot for this post :)

  7. Bob

    I never thought of doing this as a meditative practice. Love it! I tried it with a friend, and though neither of us passed a wind, it was still a very moving experience, and I’m going to do that again and see what happens next time. :-)

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