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Best of + Personal Update

Photo by Steve Evans has been live for 4 months and my deepest gratitude goes out to everyone who’s graced me with your readership and amazing support. I love you guys, seriously.

I wanted to personally thank all of you for your insights and feedback in your comments. Thank you for your kind emails. Thank you for helping me realize my dream of contributing to the personal development field.

This is a quick announcement post. Part announcement and part love letter to my readers. :)

A Journey to India

In a few hours. I will be leaving for a 3 months adventure to India. It’s my attempt to test out the concept of mini-retirements, introduced by Tim Ferriss. I view it as a spiritual and creative sabbatical, and I can’t wait.  I am a little nervous though. Perhaps, it is my ego afraid of the unknowns in the weeks to come.

If you’re interested, you can follow my travel blog here. I will do my best to document everything of interest, including hotels, routes, sights and tips. Please let me know if you have any must visit places in India, in the comments.


Elsewhere Online

Over the past week, I’ve written a personal guest post for Darren of ProBlogger, and have been featured in a couple interviews. I’ve linked them here if you’re interested.

  • ProBlogger: From 0 to 2000+ Subscribers in 90 Days
    • If you’re interested in blogging or blog marketing. This 2700 word article details all my blogging secrets (okay, there are no secrets). I’ve posted on ProBlogger instead of here due to unrelated content to ThinkSimpleNow.
    • I’ve put a lot of love into this article and hope that it can be of some help to you and your blogging ventures. If you found the article helpful, please leave a quick note in the comments, so I know you’ve been there. :)
  • MyTropicalEscape: Ten Questions with Tina Su
    • Outstanding interview conducted by Mark Hayward. These questions really made me think and it is an insightful interview into my life and my personal influences.
  • The Next 45 Years: Simple Steps Towards Positive Change
  • Mind Think Success: Interview with Tina Su

Best of, Oct 2007-Jan 2008

The following are the top 10 posts from the past 4 months. Check them out if you haven’t seen them already.

More? You can see a listing of all articles in the archives.

Comments? Thoughts? Tips for India? Please share your thoughts in the comments. We’ll talk soon :)

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Tina Su is a mom, a wife, a lover of Apple products and a CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) for our motivational community: Think Simple Now. She is obsessed with encouraging and empowering people to lead conscious and happy lives. Subscribe to new inspiring stories each week. You can also subscribe to Tina on Facebook.

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81 thoughts on Best of + Personal Update

  1. Have an incredible time! I can’t wait to hear about the results from your study!

  2. I will also be going to India for the summer.

    Hope you’ll have a fantastic trip Tina! :)

    And thank you for 4 months of exceptional content.

  3. You’ve had amazing success and deserve some time off. Good luck and have fun!


  4. Have a great time Tina! Love your articles – they are sincere, loving, and well-written!

  5. Annie

    Hahaha, have fun! I’ll check out your other blog toooo :)

  6. Annie

    Oh, I’m Indian, btw. (Lol! Randomness.) I’ll ask my parents if there is any spiritual place you should check out in particular. Maybe Vaishnu Devi?…

    Yeah, um, I’ll get back to you. :P

  7. How very nice to go on a semi-retirement :)

    Have a wonderful and pleasant adventure Tina.

    Blessings for you and Adam. Enjoy your trip.

    PS: Thank you for participating in my
    “Great People Interview” you sure is one of them.

    Mind Think Success

  8. Tina – best wishes for a great trip. I’m sure you will learn lots; please continue to share with us!

  9. Wow, that’s great! Hope you enjoy your trip :) and do let us know how it goes, since I have gone to Japan and Taiwan in the past and would definitely love to go to India too.

  10. Hi,
    Glad to hear that you are heading to India. I live in Sri Lanka. Its very very close to India :-) May be you could do a small detour and head to this part of the paradise ;-)

    Have a nice trip!

  11. India will no doubt offer you occasions to continue growing and learning in new and uplifting ways. Looking forward to checking out your travel blog! As you embrace adventure, you discover new ways to open your heart and mind. Safe journey!

  12. Jimmy

    Grt to hear that u r travelling to india.U will get a lot to learn here spiritually.If u need any guidance pls feel free to mail me for the same.


  13. All the best for your trip to India. Have fun and be open to learn a lot about you and the world!

  14. Good Luck Tina!

    All the best :-)

  15. Ali

    Wow! you guys are coming to India. I’m sure it’s going to be an enlightening experience :-). The Book Passion Test gives a good account of a person’s spiritual trip to India.

    I’m in Bangalore and a regular reader of your blog. Hope you guys spend some time here.

  16. Welcome to India. To know more about India, I suggest you read this A wide angle view of India by Nita. Link is
    Wish you all the best.

  17. Tina,
    Since 1 January of this year I have been searching, floundering around in a sea of uncertainty about my blog and my goals. I researched and I read, I walked the walk and talked the talk but still I floundered until I came yesterday upon your article on Problogger and hallelujah. Thank you for helping me see that I have too much ego in there, the intentions are great but I need to take ME out.
    I have found my three words: Writing, Wellness and Wisdom although that last one is dodgy as I always feel that those that think they have it, don’t. Anyway best thing I have read on blogging and particularly useful to me.

  18. Enjoy your trip! Be safe and have a wonderful, wonderful time! :)

  19. Hi Tina – Have a GREAT trip and thanks for participating in the interview!!


  20. Hi Tina, I recently discovered your blog through Digg, and have really been enjoying it! I’m also a blogger and found your list of tips to increase readership to be very helpful. My family is from India and I go almost every year. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any info. I’m very familiar with Mumbai and Chennai, with some knowledge of Bangalore. Happy travels! Amreen

  21. Dear Tina and Adam,

    Wishing you the very best for your travels in India. I have picked up your feed here and will also head over to your blog to keep up with where you are and how you are travelling.

    Tina, I remember exchanging a couple of encouraging, positive messages with you last year over on Victory Darwin’s Ning Entrepreneur’s group.

    Wow, you have certainly achieved wonderous things with your blog in the months since then!

    I haven’t been completely idle myself either. I finished a big e-commerce project (my first real-time online e-commerce store for a client, at got my own blog set up in November and am in the early stages of my blogging adventure there.

    It seems to me that your success is in no small part because you have truly expressed your love for people when writing in your blog, offering insights that have contributed to their lives and inspired them in various ways.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Tina Su, it is a blessing for the world.

    Love and light, Namaste,

    Bradley C Hughes

  22. Congratulations on your first mini-retirement, Tina! I’m glad you’re going to be writing about your adventures so we can participate vicariously. :)

  23. You SO deserve this, Tina! You’ve worked hard and now you get to enjoy your success in a way few people can ever dream of doing. Congratulations – I look forward to hearing about all that you learn. Please share with us…we’ll all be following along in spirit and online :)
    Take care of yourself and best of luck!

  24. Tina, have a nice and exciting journey. Looking forward to reading your adventures.

  25. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

    India has said to be heaven and hell on earth. I hope you get to experience the heaven part.

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