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Prayer For Healing

Editor’s Note

I am privileged to introduce Rahi to our TSN family. Rahi was my beloved yoga teacher during my 3 months stay in India, and had guided me to bliss on many occasions. To me, she is the embodiment of grace. The following was originally an email she had sent to me, which we edited to share with you here, along with a practical meditation that anyone can do at home. With love, -Tina

An event such as this reminds us of the impermanent nature of our lives. It helps us remember that what's most important is to love each other, to be there for each other, and to treasure each moment we have that we are alive. This is the best that we can do for those who have died: we can live in such a way that they continue, beautifully, in us. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

When I saw the horrific scenes of the terrible earthquake and the tsunami that have devastated Japan and its people, my first response was one of deep pain.

All that my family, friends and I could talk about, and keep seeing again and again were the ongoing pain-filled visuals that every TV channel around the world was beaming into every home.

Then came the emails, facebook postings, tweets, phone calls, etc….everyone was reaching out to every other person possible spreading the alarm and concern.

The cataclysmic events in Japan became personal because a dear student and now a fellow yoga teacher was living there. I was desperate to know that he and his family were safe.

I was anxious, restless and quite tense till I heard from him. His message was so calm, thanking me for my concern and informing me not to worry, as he and his fellow countrymen will weather this storm together as a nation.

Something about his calmness rubbed off on me and gave me a window of clarity. I went to my yoga den, sat down with a prayer for healing and started tapping on the acupressure points to calm myself and to lift me out of this downward spiral mode of thinking and feeling.

A few minutes into the tapping and I could visibly feel a change happening within me. And it is then that it occurred to me that I can sit in meditation and ‘send’ the vibrations of healing to Japan and all life forms affected by the devastation.

When I got up I felt the urge to call like-minded friends for a group meditation that evening. Six people turned up and surprisingly all were women! We sat in a circle. Each person placed their right hand—in a giving gesture (palm facing down)—onto the next person’s left hand, which by default was in the receiving gesture (palm facing up, like a bowl).

We started by inhaling freely and exhaling for 12 breaths. A deep calmness started happening within us. Then we visualized our beloved Earth in the center of the circle and focused on Japan and the Pacific region.

We visualized the pain and the enormous energy needed to bounce back to a semblance of normalcy. We started humming (“hmmm”) deeply and continuously for 21 minutes, allowing the vibrations of the heart centre to open up and radiate love, peace, compassion and healing.

When the humming stopped, the image within all of us changed to seeing the earth and Japan radiating joyful life. We held that vision in our hearts for a long time, feeling that something had been transformed. Then we ended with the beautiful Sanskrit chant of ”sarve bahvantu sukhina” which translate to “may peace, may happiness prevail”.

Every one of us in that group felt a deep, soft silence as a presence in that space…it was so compassionate, nurturing and all enveloping…as if the Divine Mother was wrapping us, Japan and the whole of Earth in Her loving arms.

The beauty is that, ever since that experience, whenever I continue to receive more information or visuals about the still occurring devastation, I no longer hook into the collective pain. Japan and the Earth seem to fall into my heart centre and I can feel a deep healing happening in me.

Why am I writing all this in such detail to you? I can give many reasons but the truth is I just feel impelled to do so.

Perhaps the learning is:

  • Don’t add to the collective pain by talking and thinking of all that horror being flashed on our screens.
  • Step aside, meditate and do your bit to raise the healing consciousness of humankind.

While help is pouring in from all corners of the world to rehabilitate the people of Japan, maybe, along with it, a different kind of help is needed to change the present vibrations.

Perhaps if a critical mass meditates, the energy generated can bring about positive changes that we cannot even conceive of?

Perhaps all this needs is to be communicated to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, so that in the coming days we can continue to maintain the healing momentum.

Prayer for Healing Through Meditation

If you felt resonated with the above story, try the following prayer for healing meditation—either as a group or as an individual in the comforts of your home.

1. Group Prayer for Healing Meditation

If you are gathered in a group of 3 or more people, sit in a circle. If you are a couple, sit across from each other. Make the ambience as soothing as possible. Optionally, you can light candles, or play soft calming music (example, sound of water flowing).

  1. Open your left hand, palm facing up. Place your left hand on your left knee comfortably.
  2. Take your right hand, palm facing down, place it, gently, on top of your neighbor’s left hand (the neighbor on your right side).
  3. Sit comfortably and focus on being relaxed. Close your eyes.
  4. Connect everyone’s breathing pattern so that they sync with the same patterns of inhale and exhale. Slowly go into deep breathing with the exhale being longer than inhale. Perhaps do this for 12 breaths so that all of you are in sync with one another.
  5. Visualize the earth in the center of this healing circle.
  6. As you inhale, feel you are taking in Cosmic energy. As you exhale, direct this energy to the earth and specifically to Japan. See the healing happening to the people and all other life forms affected by the earthquake and tsunami.
  7. If you can, hold this visualization for 21 minutes. If not, do it for the maximum time available and comfortable to the group.
  8. Place your palms together in front of your heart center in a prayer gesture (Anjali Mudra). Either say a prayer for healing that all of you know, or silently pray for deep peace and quick recovery to the Earth and to Japan.
  9. Give gratitude to Existence for giving you this great opportunity to be of service.

If you want, make a commitment to do this on a daily basis, as a group or on your own for the next 21 days (or how ever many days you want).

2. Individual Prayer for Healing Meditation

As an individual, you can create a space of love and healing through your own meditation. Similar to the group meditation, create a soothing and comfortable ambience where you can sit. Dim the light, and optionally, light a few candles.

  1. Sit quietly in a place that is calming.
  2. Relax both your hands. Place them naturally in whichever gesture that feels comfortable to you. For example, you can have both palms facing up, or place one hand on top of the other.
  3. Inhale and exhale deeply. Placing your entire focus on your breath.
  4. When you feel relaxed, take your awareness into the heart center (in the middle of your chest, next to your heart).
  5. As you inhale, visualize the cosmic energy and healing light entering your heart center. Feel your heart center opening up.
  6. As you exhale, direct the healing energy—light, love, compassion, and strength—to the earth, to Japan, to the Pacific region.
  7. Visualize yourself sitting in a circle among other healers doing the same thing. All of you sitting together in a ring, encircling the earth and sending healing to the planet.
  8. Hold this visualization for as long as you are comfortable. If you have a hard time visualizing, you can say the words and allow the meditation to happen.
  9. Finish the meditation by bringing your palms together in a prayer position, giving gratitude to Existence for choosing you to be a conduit in its service.

If you found the above meditation to be comforting and relaxing, make it a daily practice for the next 21 days (or how ever many days you would like).

The above prayer for healing meditation is not limited to the current Japan devastation. It can also be adopted to help heal other inner emotional pains you may want to alleviate.

Thank you for listening.

With Love,
Rahi & Tina

* Please share your thoughts, experiences, wisdom or questions with us in the comment section. See you there!

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Rahi Santhanam
About the author

Rahi is a well-respected Yoga teacher with thirty-five years of teaching experience from around the globe. Rahi has helped students from all walks of life (including TSN founder Tina Su) through her expertise in the timeless Yogic system of self-care for optimal physical, mental and spiritual wellness. In addition to being an highly influential teacher of yoga, she is also an exceptionally engaging speaker. She’s conducted workshops for self-empowerment and yoga though out India, USA and Canada. Rahi currently lives in Bangalore, India, with her husband and two beautiful daughters.

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16 thoughts on Prayer For Healing

  1. BPK

    Thank you for this beautiful post!

  2. What a great idea!! It’s so hard to continue to see these images of pain and hurt. This is how I felt looking at the Haiti earthquake (and I have family there). But this is a wonderful idea, to send these places love and healing. Thank you!!

  3. rahi santhanam
    rahi santhanam

    This simple meditation is so powerful that the very healing experience goes to ‘default’ mode…you just fall into that space of compassionate connectivity. Its humbling and empowering.

  4. Rahi~ Thank you for your wisdom: teaching us how to be with tragedy in a healing way. I am one of those who spirals when faced with news (like that of Japan), immediately feeling the weight of the tragedy on my shoulders. I now know that I have a choice to sit with compassion, in a healing way, instead of feeling overwhelmed.

    Will practice the group meditation with my husband this weekend.

    Love to you & the light you bring,


  5. Tim

    “Hands that help are far better than lips that pray”
    – Robert Green Ingersoll

    With all due respect, the victims of the earthquake and Tsunami need things like food, water, shelter, medical supplies, psychological counselling, funds for rebuilding. They don’t need cosmic healing energy. To my eyes, all this group prayer therapy is achieving is to alleviate your own pain at witnessing the immense suffering of others. Which is fine, if that’s what you feel you need to do, but the victims of this disaster have more immediate and practical concerns.

    If you want to pray for the victims, then go right ahead, but perhaps a better approach would be to organise a group donation rather than a group therapy session.

  6. rahi santhanam
    rahi santhanam


    Thank you bringing this up. Its a common concern of many. As I had stated in the article, apart from all other forms of help, this too is needed.

    Many of us are working with organisations that are collecting funds to buy blankets and other critical supplies to be sent to Japan. Its not an ‘either or’ situation. We need both.

    Some can give physical aid, some can send donations; some cannot even afford to do that. But they are wanting to reach out in some way. Prayers, meditation, focusing on healing are great ways of reaching out.

  7. rahi santhanam
    rahi santhanam


    Thank you for your commitment. We need to reach out in all possible ways. Group meditation is a great way of reaching out .

  8. Rahi ~

    I completely agree with what you said about not collectively increasing the pain.

    Indeed, what’s the point in adding to the pain by constant chatter by talking about it or feeling “sorry” while we only sit on our couches and watch the evening news? None.

    I am thankful to you for sharing the practical side of this with everyone. With meditation, people can literally send their loving vibes to those in need.

    Thank you for the share.

    ~ Pooja

  9. rahi santhanam
    rahi santhanam

    Thank you, Pooja. May your tribe increase.
    Every possible help at the physical, emotional and spiritual level is needed right now. May each and everyone reach out in their own, unique way.

  10. MindOfMine

    I just did a 21 minute meditation alone with some meditation music I got from itunes. I send my love and energy to my gone friend who died last september from suicide. I found it calming and felt the energy, but at some points I also was a bit scared she would appear if i would open my eyes. I think it is still fresh and the pain and disbelief are still in my heart. But I hope this method of meditation will help me and her get peace. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  11. Rahi

    MindOfMine (love this ‘name’) :)

    Am so glad you were helped to reach in and heal. Kudos to your commitment.

    I highly recommend that you read the book, ‘The Journey’, by Brandon Bays. She very beautifully takes us deep within to connect with our cellular memory so that we can heal emotional traumas and dissolve the psychological debris that we carry around like a huge baggage.

    Wishing you the very best on your personal journey.



  12. MindOfMine

    Hi Rahi,

    Thank you for your comment! I also like my nickname :)
    Also thanks for the recommendation of ‘The Journey’, I’m going to look it up and see if it works for me!

    All the best and keep up the good writing!



  13. Kimberly

    I’m so grateful for this reminder!

    Alone in my studio, nearly ten years ago, I spontaneously engaged in a very similar exercise upon seeing the news, the morning of September 11th.

    Recently, political events in Canada have stirred a need to somehow actively energize, encourage, cleanse and lighten the spirits of the people.

    :) I’ll use this healing for that and other situations.

    Thank you!

  14. Rahi


    You are so very welcome.

    As the saying goes, ‘when we are ready to receive, the Universe sends willingly’.

    Travelled in Canada a couple of years back…love the beauty of the country and the warmth of its people; have such fond memories.Its wonderful that you are making yourself available for the process of healing to be accelerated. This is a blessing in and of itself.

    Sending love and warmth to your endeavour.


  15. When someone writes an article he/she maintains the image of a user in his/her brain that how a
    user can understand it. So that’s why this piece of writing is great. Thanks!

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