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Why I Write

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To me, writing is not work. Writing is like dancing with Existence, with Spirit, with God. It’s beautiful and precious. I get more satisfaction and energy from writing than I do from a few extra hours of sleep. Seriously.

Some days, when absorbed in the moment of writing down a stream of thoughts, I lose track of time, and I skip sleep altogether. And I function fine the next day–only with a bigger smile.

Sometimes a string of words will hit me so strongly that I will sit in front of the computer bawling. I cry, not because I am sad, but because I’ve experienced such intense joy that it moved me to tears.

Writing is just one form of creative outlet. I am no more qualified to write than you. And usually, as I relax and flow with my stream of consciousness, and write down whatever comes to mind, the result is surprising to me too. I am just a messenger after all.

I am no more qualified to write motivational thoughts about happiness than you. I have many bad days and embarrassing moments throughout my daily life that I am not proud of. On some days, when I make mistakes, like hurting someone’s feelings, I wish that I were someone else – someone better.

Perhaps writing is that outlet for me to become someone better. To learn from the messages which get transpired through my writing. Perhaps, unconsciously, that’s why I started this blog (and the daily newsletter) in the first place, so that I can remind myself to stay strong when things get hard. And boy do things get hard some days.

Some people have commented that I seem like a selfless person. I really don’t think I am. I don’t think you can truly be selfless unless you are talking about your children, or a mythological enlightened person you hear stories about–who have achieved the heightened and permanent state of unconditional love to all things alive. If this enlightened state is even possible I know I have definitely not reached it–at least not yet.

What I do know is this. I am not writing out of “choice” (lack of a better word), but out of a force beyond me that pushes me, urging me to write, and it won’t leave me alone until I do. Call it inspiration, if you will.

I feel like we are all here for specific purposes–to be great at something and to provide something unique that makes each one of us exceptional. For me I think that means writing things that inspires motivation, happiness and empowerment;

And if I’m allowed one more life purpose–which I am, because we write the rules to our own life–it would be photographing people’s faces–capturing a moment between moments when a person’s true spirit is revealed. You can always tell from the eyes of a person if the moment is genuine.

That is pretty much my story. Simple.

Besides the obvious people in my life whom I love, motivating people through inspirational writing and capturing authentic moments through photography are the loves of my life. When I engage with these loves authentically they make me feel utterly alive. They make me feel overflowing bliss. They make me feel like a loose cloud, floating freely in the beautiful blue sky, bathed by the hot sun above, and watching as the world unfolds around me.

When I say I am a messenger, I am not referring to channeling a mystical spirit, or some holy magical person. I just mean that I know this is my unique purpose in life. This is what I was brought into this world to do. I now know that with unquestionable clarity–since Nov 5th, 2010 at 12 a.m. (when the first draft of this post was written).

I’m like a little green plant, standing proudly in the garden. Even though each plant may seem insignificant on its own, without it, and all the other plants like it, the garden would no longer be green; the garden would no longer be a garden.

So you see, the little green plant (me), in collective effort with all the other green plants (you) is important in the end. Together, they (we) make the garden possible.

I’m like that little green plant in the corner against the maple fence, and you are that little green plant next to the pink flower, and you are that little green plant two rows next to the apple tree. We are all important, and together, we make up the gardens of this world. We are what make this world beautiful.

And not doing what I was brought into this world to do would be like the little green plant letting itself die, leaving a little patch of brown dirt where the green plant once resided.

This is the reason why I write. To keep the little green plant in the corner against the maple fence green (and happy). I’m simply playing my part, following my heart, flowing with inspiration, and doing a little bit everyday to keep the garden green.

And it is with my deep hope that you will find and recognize the little green plant in you. If you haven’t already, remember to be nice to yourself. Just relax, it’ll happen. Follow your heart’s song, and all things will fall into place.

Life is not a race. Only we, confused humans, make it so. It’s not a race, but rather a journey to be enjoyed. Slow down. Listen to your inner voice. What is it telling you?

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Tina Su is a mom, a wife, a lover of Apple products and a CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) for our motivational community: Think Simple Now. She is obsessed with encouraging and empowering people to lead conscious and happy lives. Subscribe to new inspiring stories each week. You can also subscribe to Tina on Facebook.

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8 thoughts on Why I Write

  1. Hi Tina,

    I know what you mean about writing. I too have gone with very little sleep when inspiration hits me to write. It is amazing how being inspired can give us the fuel and energy to press forth and write without ceasing. The ideas just flow naturally.

    Interestingly, I too have found myself becoming a better person as I write. It could be that as I write, I expose myself to ideas and experiences both personal and external until it becomes second nature to me. I do not think that I am better qualified to write than anyone else. My aim in writing is the hope that whatever I share can help to benefit someone else in some small way. I hope that they would find my experiences and ideas helpful.

    Yes! I agree with you that we all have some specific purpose to fulfil in this world. Unfortunately, what that purpose is is not always clear. We have to create that purpose for ourselves but it is usually unique to our gifts and talents. When we can tap into this purpose and work towards its fulfilment, our life is filled with meaning and we can press forth without looking back. Sure, the path will not be smooth, but we have every reason to overcome the obstacles that stand in our way to reach our goals.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! :)

    Irving the Vizier

  2. Tina,

    Angel and I have been fans of your blog and your writing for several years now.

    You’ve been an inspiration. ;-)

    Keep writing. Keep rockin’!

  3. I am really enjoying tuning in to your blog. We have a similar style of writing. I have added your site to my blog roll.

  4. Sam H.

    Beautifully written. This is just the kind of thing I needed to read waking up this morning with my hot cut of coco/coffee. I love hearing stories about people’s “callings” in life and how they choose to define themselves from it.

    One of the ways I can get inspiration to work on my design work for my professor is by reading your blog, as it helps me get in that “right mindset” to be creative, to be an individual, and to be my own “little green plant”. Yesterday I tried to just jump into it and rush it out first thing, and I ended up being completely uninspired and unproductive that whole day instead. Today I’ll treat my “soon to be calling” and my body with more respect as I take advantage of the winter weather closing the campus :)

    It’s hard – I know what I want to do is design, and it’s something I am excited to see myself do in the future. But part of having it be so close to you is learning how to deal with the “hard stuff” about it. The stuff you don’t want to do, find it very hard to do, or how to balance everything else in your life out in accordance. Not only for literal things (i.e. how to get this specific book design to properly open without tearing the binding?) but for metaphysical stuff too such as learning how to keep myself inspired and learning about myself in the ways that allow me to balance my time between projects and life (which is currently the hard part for me). It’s either I’m completely burning myself out with project work, or I’m completely distracted from it for a long period of time, causing a “writer’s block” if you will. Eventually, I’ll learn enough about myself and my interests to avoid burning myself out I figure.

  5. Sam H.

    Oh, and I’m totally saving that last line there as a facebook quote, as cheesy as that sounds ;)

    It really resonates with me.

  6. Lars

    Great article Tina! :)

    I can find myself in what you say about the moments of creativity were you just can’t go to bed. I have the same moments when I make new music ^^ I like to call it “a creative spark”. I can never control those creative sparks, so when they come, I just have to record the ideas so that I don’t forget what was on my mind at that magical moment :)

  7. You have just verbalized exactly how I feel about writing. It’s a calling that urges, prods and beckons me, it’s a call I can’t ignore nor would I want to. You so eloquently put it that no one person is more qualified than another, it’s just that you choose to answer the call and are greatly fulfilled by it. Thanks for sharing your passion for writing, it is truly reflective of how I feel about writing. It’s something I could not live without.

  8. shashi

    Thank You Tina what you do . Liked the latest article .

    What can I do to the world when I am alive , safe and having access to whole lot of comforts which I did not make but I bought them with a fraction of money of the total amount of money and effort with which the people of whole world have produced . People residing in whole world have made it possible . I am nothing when I compare myself with genius people of this wonderful world who have spent hours of their life not only hours but their whole life to make it possible. I eat food every day but how much I work to cook it , just a fraction of time ,but I have to think of people who grew it ,doing all efforts to make it not only grow well but also save it to reach to the market to get a reward of money to buy what he needs . He does the beginning work and So many other people make it possible to save it from damage from nature but ultimate force is God who makes it possible to feed us.
    How many people did not sleep last night so that I can sleep with comfort to give updates of the storm, that our area is safe for today but nothing can be said about tomorrow.
    I can pray for myself but I have to pray for other people too if they are safe I would be safe. I should not sit quietly because I am safe, I can do much more if I can write something productive and send it to millions of people who can read what I think. Some people can skip my comment but some would pay some time to read it , would think a little about doing something productive not for themselves but a little bit about somebody else . We want blessings but how many of us care about others who need blessings like us ??

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