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  • The Beauty of Simplicity

    Posted on 11.26.08 | 11 Comments

    Photo by: Noah Kalina

    Now Do This is bloody genius!

    It’s a productivity tool that gives you exactly what you need (& nothing more): the task you should be working on right NOW.

    I now have one window open to just this page. And when I start to browse around online aimlessly, I’ll see this window and be reminded to get back to work. I totally underestimated this trivial tool when I first saw it a few months ago…. until I started using it this week, and baby, it works!

    Today, I accidentally discovered a mysterious “about” link in edit mode, clicked on it and discovered that the site was created by Jakob Lodwick and William Cotton. I was totally inspired when I saw Jakob’s extremely simple homepage with just the essential links – including a mention that he created Vimeo(!!!).

    What can I say, brilliant people create brilliant things, time and time again. And each time I find someone brilliant, I become inspired and infused with creativity. Through Jakob’s page and his sites, I am completely inspired by the power and sheer beauty of simplicity.. that and a sweet balance of style, function and usability.

    Who or what inspires you? Please do share!

    My Daily Routine

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