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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ~Confucius
Tina and son Ryan

Think Simple Now (TSN) is a personal development community with self-reflective stories from real people. Our mission at TSN is to empower each other to find inner clarity and fulfillment in an ever complex world filled with distractions and painful moments.

All our stories are extracted from real life—lessons and epiphanies to inspire and to remind us the important elements that make life beautiful.

No matter what you are going through, we want you to know that you are not alone. We can learn and grow and enhance the quality of living, together.

The Seattle PI called us “Motivational advice that’s actually applicable to daily life.” The Sydney Morning Herald said that we have “Practical pearls of wisdom to help you live your life happily.”

We are passionate about spreading happiness and are honored to be writing for our friends from over 200 countries.

Hello! My name is Tina Su. I am the founder here at TSN. I am 32. Married with a toddler named Ryan. I am a Canadian living in Seattle. I am an INFJ. I love salads, photography and empowering ideas. Learn more about me below and here.

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Our Team

Tina Su – Chief Happiness Officer

Team creator since September, 2007

I am a mom, wife and digital CEO in Seattle. I used to be a software engineer. Now I spend my days creating, designing, and writing.

I started this site on a stroke of inspiration in the fall of 2007 to capture life lessons I’ve learned on my journey to self-understanding and personal growth.

In 2008, I left a six-figured corporate career from to have the mental space and time to travel, to think and to create online businesses that gave me freedom and fulfillment. It was a very scary time to cut out the security my job provided.

My vision was to “never work again”, by living a life following one’s inner calling, exploring one’s potential, generating massive value, and living fully in every moment. I’m happy to report that everything has worked out as planned.

Read More About Tina here

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Rebecca A. Watson – VP of Optimism

Team member since April, 2012

Rebecca is a fierce optimist who believes in the power of making life happen.

After realizing optimism doesn’t jive with journalism, she left newspaper to create her own brand of marketing through education and humor. She now owns her own marketing company specializing in creating quality content for websites, blogs and more.

Although she loves her work, she leaves plenty of time for what she considers the finer things in life, like hiking, cooking, biking, gardening, sky-gazing and camping. And while reading is one of her favorite things, lately her focus has been on finishing her first book.

Self-acceptance, balance and mindfulness are her latest pursuits, along with playing with her inner-artist, whether it be through collage, knitting or just some serious one-on-one with the pavement and some sidewalk chalk. Read her blog for her latest enthusiastic (and sometimes witty) remarks.

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Cat Li Stevenson – Executive Director of Discovery

Team member since December, 2010

Cat is a devotee of creating a life filled with meaning, wellness, and happiness. She believes in honoring all aspects of our well-being — mind, body, relationships, spirit, and finances. And that self-actualization is the way to living fully.

For work, Cat is a Commercial Banker, Real Estate Agent, and Motivational Writer in Phoenix, Arizona. At the intersection of her dynamic roles, she writes about inspirational lessons.

Cat loves her morning coffee, reading about change-makers in the world, and jogging with her best running buddy — her super-fit hubby, who was also her high-school sweetheart.

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Kayla Albert – President of Fulfillment

Team member since January, 2012

Kayla is a reformed introvert intent on following any path that offers fulfillment. For her this means being open to constant change and fully accepting anything life decides to place in front of her. She is a firm believer in monitoring one’s thoughts in order to create change in one’s life.

Kayla currently works as a community manager — living and breathing all things social media. On the side she dabbles in freelance writing, hoping some day to reach the masses with a book deal, or even just a well-loved blog post.

While planning is her forte, she doesn’t pretend to know what the future may hold. She’s looking forward to growing into the most authentic version of herself, finding new things along the way to be amazed at and grateful for. To her, that’s what life is all about.

Past Contributors

  • Daniel Wong
  • John Hollandsworth
  • Rajiv Vij
  • Leigh Harris
  • Nadia Ballas-Ruta
  • Pooja Lohana
  • Matt Davis
  • Rahi Santhanam
  • Scott H Young
  • Ralph Jean Paul

What Else?

Since its birth on September 27, 2007, TSN has been a fast growing personal development site with readers from 226 countries* and 12 million pageviews.

Think Simple Now has been fortunate to receive media coverage from many great publications, including US News & World Reports, The Seattle PI, Sydney Morning Herald, Glamour Magazine,, Life Hacker,, ProBlogger. We’ve also been featured in several books showcasing productivity tips and Social Media success stories.

If you are interested in advertising, you may want to know that 57% of our readers are Women. 40% of readers are in the US, 31% are in Canada, India, UK, and Australia, 28% are from over 200 countries combined. We currently attract over 400K monthly readers, and over 18,000 (smart and good-looking) subscribers.

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