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Time for a Retreat – Personal Update

(Update 07/08/2009: I’ve decided to extend my stay for two more months, and will be in India until September.)

For the next four weeks, I will be living in an ashram near Bangalore India. I will be attending a meditation and spiritual retreat called Inner Awakening that I have been anticipating for many months now.

It’s an opportunity to learn directly from an enlightened guru in a serene environment, along with several hundred other spiritual seekers from around the world.

I’ve decided not to bring my laptop or cell phone, and to fully emerse myself in the experience. Besides, a month without technology sounds like a really nice cleanse of its own.

During this time, no new articles will be published. However, there are a ton of articles published in the past that you may like, so check them out. I’ve also listed out my favorite articles at the end of this post.

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For Your Curiosity

I get asked some common questions. And to satisfy some of your curiosity, here are some insights into my life.

Q: What is your religion? Are you Buddhist or something?

I do not belong to an organized religion. I am not a Buddhist or a Christian. However, I am also not an Atheist or an Agnostic.

My mother is a baptized Christian who connects with Buddhist teachings and my dad is a trans-denominational Catholic. Such was the environment during my formative years.

As a teenager, I was taught to experience the divine instead of trying to name it. I was taught to follow my heart. I was taught to live consciously and to always speak truthfully.

I am spiritual and am a seeker of Truth. I do not trust based on what I hear, or align to specific rules. My views are purely based on the experiences I’ve encountered and witnessed with my conscious awareness.

My view on the topic of religion is that there are many paths that lead to the same place. You may disagree, and that’s okay. Different teachings speak to different souls. Follow your heart.

Q: Tell me something about this retreat

The ashram is located by a small town called Bidadi, near Bangalore. We were recommended to bring seven changes of white colored, loose fitting, modest clothes. Realizing at the last minute that I did not have seven such garments, I rushed out this week and collected them (hard to find, by the way, in North America).

Each day starts at 6am and ends at 11:30pm. The morning starts with group yoga and meditation until 8am, followed with a concoction of meals, lessons, breaks, and various meditations.

The retreat I enrolled in is called Inner Awakening, and it lasts for 21 days. There is another program happening simultaneously at the ashram that lasts for 90 days, and I’m kicking myself a little for not having the foresight to plan for the latter instead. Oh well, perhaps next year. [update: after arriving, I’ve decided to enroll in the 90 day program]

Q: Why do you want to attend such a retreat?

There are many reasons, but the more direct answer is: It felt like the right thing to do. I also strongly feel that the retreat will teach me things, and give me the clarity and insight that will help me better serve this site, and future projects related to my personal purpose.

Q: Are you going with a friend or with your husband?

I will be going on my own. Jeremy will making sure TSN is up and running, and in charge of site administration while I’m gone.

Create Your Own Personal Retreat

While I am away, I want to make sure that you guys are taking care of yourselves, by creating time out of your week (or day) to connect with yourself, to love yourself, and to give thanks for the things you are grateful for.

If you want to experience a piece of what I am doing, consider doing one or more of the following ideas:

  • Cleansing Day – Take one day (a month or a week) off to spend with yourself. Spend the day on your own without the computer, phone, music players and tv (shut everything off). Spend the day communing with nature, going for walks, contemplating in your journal, and maybe reading inspirational things. Optionally, consider spending the day without speaking, unless you are addressed by another person.
  • Take a Meditation or Yoga Class – at the local gym or meet up. Many temples of various religions offer meditation classes for free. It doesn’t hurt to be open to it and experiment with them. When I first moved to Seattle, I would go to a local Tibetan Buddhist temple for this.
  • Moments of Stillness, Everyday – spend 10 minutes everyday with your eyes closed in silence. Start with some deep breaths and focus on your breath. Whenever thoughts come, just bring your focus back on your breathing. Extend it to longer than 10 minutes if you can. 21 minutes or more gives best results.
  • Write a Love Letter – to yourself, to another person, or to the Universe. The point of this, is practicing of gratitude, and realizing the abundance of goodness you have in your life.
  • Selfless Service – Do something for someone, or for some group of people without expecting anything in return, and don’t tell people that you did it (bragging that you did something counts as expecting something, and it no longer becomes selfless service).

My Favorite Articles

Okay, so selecting favorite articles for me, is like choosing a favorite child. Since I couldn’t pick just one, or even ten, I’ve just gone through the archives and selected ones that pulled at my heartstrings.

I’ve broken them up into categories best fitted for each article:


Happiness – Part 1


Happiness – Part 2

Productivity & Creativity



By the time this post is published, I will be on my glorious 20-hour flight. I will not have Internet access until I return home in mid July. If you have questions or comments, I would appreciate it if you could leave them in the comment section of this post instead of emailing me. I will respond when I am back, in the meanwhile, others may comment on it as well.

Happy reading. Make sure to soak up the summer sun.
See you in four weeks!

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71 thoughts on Time for a Retreat – Personal Update

  1. Please come back and teach us what you learned!!!!

  2. As you choose to detach from technology, you shift to focus on the core state of being. This allows you to nurture innate capacities such as telepathy which slowly render computer mediation obsolete.

  3. I haven’t gone on a retreat during my adult life and I think I’m ready for one. I went to a few religion based retreats as a teenager and I enjoyed them but I never stop to take care of myself now… I’m a single dad with 2 jobs. Even a walk in the woods by myself every once in a while would give me time to reflect.

  4. Wow! That sounds really exciting! It sounds like something I would like to consider in the future. I have always read about people’s experience on these spiritual journeys. I’m very spiritual myself and I have a meditation session at least once a day and I feel that it helps me find myself.

    I feel as though this kind of spiritual journeys that you’re enduring is a way to connect with nature and have a sort of spiritual awakening. I cannot wait to hear about your experiences when you come back! I’m sure it will be a great one! Hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Saw the update. 2 more months of stay! Wow. But I’m sure you’d have a great time during the retreat. :)

  6. sd

    If you can afford, why not. It sounds good to me.

  7. Wonderful tips as usual. Social media is great and fun but there needs to be more moments where I unplug as a means to recharge.

  8. I just saw the update and wanted to drop in and say hi. I know you’re without internet, and that in itself must be nice. :) I hope all is well with you and yours! Enjoy it!

  9. A retreat inside of the mind is the best location. Being able to just sit down calmly and quiet all the chit chatter bring me joy. Meditation is one of those priceless activities that cannot be purchased. Its really is method of inner peace………which is indescribable.

  10. Cool, Tina. I was just at the ashram, and I recorded a music video about my stay there. :)

  11. Mr Alberts

    Good for you! I hope all your expectations are met with your extended stay. And, more importantly, I hope that expectations are met that you didn’t even expect! Go for it, and then some!

  12. Hello Tina, just wanted to wish you luck on your journey that Is amazing that you are learning from samiji…That is also one of my dreams to go to Nithyananda’s ashram in near future….can’t wait to hear about your transformation :)

  13. Jane

    Hi, I really enjoy your blog and saw your update. Very happy for you and also looking forward to read about your experience–hoping you will share some of what I imagine is an incredible journey.

  14. I will always remember a meditation retreat I attended some years ago. It was a very interesting and refreshing experience. I would recommend it.

  15. Carla

    Hi Tina – looking forward to your return and to hear about your experience. Swami Medhananda came to our local Satsang in the Dallas are on Sunday. It was a incredible experience.

  16. Mike

    Hi Tina,
    Thinking about you and truly hope you find what you are searching for and maybe share it with all of us… You have and will keep inspiring all of us to follow your footsteps!
    Always sending you and your family positive energy!!!

  17. Hi Tina… I am Rajesh. I am here as I read your article at Problogger and just found it stunning…. Congrats for establishing such great blog and in such less time.

    Your ideas are very genuine and will surely help me and such bloggers. Keep going…. my best wishes.


  18. Uzma

    Hey Tina
    Just to let you know that we miss your writing. Hope you’re having a wonderful time, experiencing stillness and becoming it.
    But really, miss your blogs :-)
    Though am sure we will have deep and beautiful stuff when your back

  19. truly enjoy the experience! PS-I voted for you on Divina divine…hope you win!!

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